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Reply to What jeans does alex hiam or ryan taylor wear? 10/8/2013 5:09 AM

Ive been trying to find a good pair of jeans and i notice these guys were the same but i dont know what brand

Reply to Entire Xgames street video? 8/3/2013 11:19 PM

If you have xbox live, on your xbox of course. then you go to ESPN ( you might have to download it for free ) content.... by sport.... action sports.... x games.... then go to replays, then you have all of the x games events.

Reply to Stripped nipples 8/3/2013 11:13 PM

yea hit that thing up with a vice grip or maybe even something like pliers

Reply to Brakes 7/5/2013 10:53 AM

Thank you that helped alot but now how do i get rid of gyro wobble becuase thats the part that gets close to touching my frame. But it doesnt touch anymore.

Reply to Profile mini ti button head 6/29/2013 4:59 AM

Where can i buy that female conversion kit? I cant find it on profile..

Reply to khe street or park tires? 4/16/2013 7:24 PM

only like 2 of them are on amazon and there the 1.90, and thats small as hell! i want to find these tires since i heard they are good for awhile, and they also look sick on the bike!

Reply to Shadow sano U Brake 1/4/2013 8:59 AM Does this come with an upper plate? if not where do i get one?

Reply to Is this a problem with my fork? 10/11/2012 8:19 PM

Is this harming my fork?

Reply to Is this a problem with my fork? 10/11/2012 8:10 PM

Is this harming my fork?

Reply to i dont know what the fuck to do?! 9/28/2012 6:04 PM

Should i probally change the way i spin?

Reply to i dont know what the fuck to do?! 9/28/2012 5:54 PM

I know but for 180 bars, arnt you suppose to throw against your spin? Right now i am throwing with my spin?

Reply to Thomson Elite 9/24/2012 6:56 PM

Last thing where do you order the GTX -R, i can only find the GRX-S or would that work the same?

Reply to Thomson Elite 9/24/2012 6:41 PM

what top gyro plate do you have, you only gave me the detangler and the headset?

Reply to Is there a video to this picture? 9/16/2012 7:06 PM

I would still like to see it? do you think you can find it again

Reply to Federal Lacey BB 9/8/2012 8:36 PM

so like a odyssey mid BB bearing kit 22mm would fit?

Reply to Federal legacy frame 8/2/2012 8:55 PM

i meant federal lacey, i dont know what i was thinking

Reply to frame size 7/3/2012 8:18 PM

im sorry i meant 20.25! frame size my bad!

Reply to Front hubs 7/2/2012 7:39 PM

like for reall? would that look good?

Reply to Front hubs 7/1/2012 6:48 PM

i know this forum is old. (but i made it) im just bringing it back kinda. im just asking, is there any good front hub out there that could match my back graffiti

Reply to whats the deference 6/25/2012 6:54 PM

what does the bead do really? never heard of it