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Nice 'about me' section. Directly conflicts with your comment about me. Instead of talkin smack on the internet like a 15 year old, why dont you post up some video of you riding?

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iriez is a bit of a turd

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I wanna get a freecoaster, and it's gonna take me a few months to save up for it. So obviously, what freecoaster should i get? I don't want one that requires taking off and sorting out everyday cause i can't be bothered to be honest, and i guess it's ... more »

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S&M Cam Wood frame is designed with trails in mind is it not? I know the V1 was so, if your looking for something street i'd cross that one out.

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It's hard to tell whether this is more bad than good or more good than bad. What about all the dickheads that listen to lil wayne? What if they all want animal shit now? Dickheads reppin bmx isn't a good thing.

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Sorry? FBM or Terrible One.

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If i were you i'd choose a different pair of grips, i ride with a pretty loose grip and have never worn through a pair of grips before in two years of riding. Had cult dehart' s for a month and a bit and their bald and tearing at that bit of skin between ... more »

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That's the stupidest thing i've ever heard :L What sort of style you ride doesn't affect how long it takes you to progress, it's the choices the rider themself make. In my opinion i think the whole labelling a rider thing should be scrapped. Riding your ... more »

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I have to go down a hill to get to my train station, i over took a car and it felt really cool. But i glanced backwards and there was an old woman driving it, so it kinda ruined it

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Excuse me young man?

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Well first may i say, fuck 600 is a lot of money. But i know what your on about shoe collecting, i kinda do that, but i never go over about 50 quid, i love a bargain

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Right, tomorrow, i can go to any skatepark around the south of england, but i haven't decided where. So, someone english, actually it doesn't matter, but yeah someone throw me names of some decent skateparks or places to ride around southern england! ... more »

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I rode some kids bike today (I didn't have mine with me) and it had like 50psi, went to nosebonk 180 a hip and i just fell over. I felt really silly

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Now that was just offensive. SO FUCK YOU.

Honestly though, there's more than enough evidence on here that they break and shit. And there's at least one thread everyday where's there's either someone going on about ordering them or breaking ... more »
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Aha. Anal.

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Reppin' that! :L Anyway, this is gay. Chat about bikes and shit and forget about trying to get free wheels. If anything, i'd say buy them wheels instead and put some money into the industry.

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What's your reason for not liking them? :L

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I've ran a pair of hamiltons for about a year and they still do me fine? :L

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Cooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr thats boom.