1988 Haro Master - Team Model (All Original EXCEPT the Tires) 1

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Frame: Haro Master. Misc.: Team Model
Fork: Haro stock
Handlebars: Haro Kneesaver
Stem: Haro Stock
Grips: A'ME
Detangler: Odyssey Gyro
General Info
Model Year: 1988
Additional Info: In October 1987, I went to the Atlantic City Convention Center for the BMX Vendor Show. The last vendor we hit was the HARO display. Bob Haro himself was there. Just a few feet from Bob was the 1988 Haro Master - Team Model. I could not take my eyes off it. I was 16 years old and HOOKED! I had the Shop owner order me one. It was retailing for $799.99 and I had no clue how to pay for it. Just a few days before XMAS I can home from my Job and Mom asked me to go into our back room and turn the tree lights on. When I did, I looked to the left of the tree and there was the Bike. The shop owner let my Mom bring it home as an early gift even though it was not paid for. In my opinion, the 1988 Haro Master - Team Model was the BEST bike ever built for Flatland and in general, the 1988 year was the best year for Freestyle based bikes! My bike is not a "Rebuild", it's a "Survivor" The Pictures I uploaded are "Today" (Pictures Taken 4/28/2013). With the exception of the Tires and the Original Forks (Which I cracked), EVERYTHING you see came with the Bike. Experience your OldSchoolBMX Magazines like they were right in front of you, even hear the pages turn! https://www.oldschoolbmxtv.com

Vital BMX member ScottSliwinski ScottSliwinski 8/31/2013 6:37 PM

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The only problem I had in regards to the 88โ€™ Master was that the head tube/fork angle simply was not steep enough. Made rolling tricks harder to pull off.

Before I bought the Master I was using a CW California Shaker. It had a steep head angle making those rolling tricks easier to pull off.

I also never used the folding pegs on the fork. At least you could fold them out of the way.

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