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IMO Vert is dying for a few simple reasons the main one being ramps. Hear me out.

1. You can only ride very on a vert ramp and there are not very many because reason number 2
2. Vert ramps are more expensive to build and maintain, take up lots of park space, and get ridden less than your average bowl or quarter which makes it an almost bad financial decision for smaller parks.
3. Because it takes some dedication and ramp time to get good at it, combined with the scarcity of ramps to ride it on, it is by default losing popularity which further accelerates the deference to construct additional ramps which are necessary to increase its popularity. Street is more popular because there are more places to ride it. Most of the vert tricks have already been done in the streets too. It's an issue of ramps.

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What frame is that?

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Agreed. He does a lot of hard tricks mixed with finesse and power and has quite an ample trick list. Like he's a street rider but can ride ramps like a ramp rider and does more than grind and 180 on street set ups.

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Does a hot Pink S&M Dagger 20.75 fit your bill?

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if you're using a hacksaw, a life hack is to buy blades specifically for cutting metal (theyre usually graded as to the type of metal thickness they are designed for) as theyll last longer and make cutting easier.

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I'm in that area. what's the offset on the forks? I may just grab this. Hmu 630two900972

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I have a Mafia Polar frame. 20.6 12.5cs if you're interested. 63zero two90 0972

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Mirra had big talent when it wasn't as common so it stood out more. There are riders today that can outperform him so it may not seem like such a big deal to see him do.tricks you see today, but he was one of the big names in the 90s and because of his.combined ... more »

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Not really many options if the part you want to ride is only avaialble in heavy. It's just something you have to accept. Its nice to have a lighter bike but having one a bit heavier isn't too hard to adjust to either. Try not to give it too much thought ... more »

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Try Erik Elstran, Tate Roskelly or Rory McClean if creative riding gets you going.

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If my Clutch V2 wasn't so reliable and consistent and female axled I'd give this a try. The weight and extra slack looks real attractive. I feel like I'd prefer this to a revolution as it seems to be a better FC system in general. I'm not a pedal pressure ... more »

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There's a show about it on Netflix called Children of God. it was not a violent (very peaceful Christian focused) Cult but had a very unique community which we grew up in kind of like Kibitzes where you're isolated from the outside world due to its dangers ... more »

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I was raised by the children of God. Got out at 14. and if you were as well and are from Houston, you probably know my sister. find my number in my For Sale posts. also, please change your pants. :D

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I met Mike D who designed the Nowear BMX frames and rode his bike at my local. didn't even know it was him till i got home and looked up NoWear BMX. Riding at House Park in Austin one year Elstran came up to me and introduced himself... super nice guy. ... more »

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I've got a Hot Pink like new Dagger 20.75 63zero2900972 if you're interested.

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Fair point about the killers doing it out of fetish more than anger. Point is everyone feels frustrated at some point, just because I CAN throw a bike as a way to manage those emotions doesn't mean it's the healthiest and only way to manage it. Having ... more »

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Serial killers are passionate and emotional. Nothing wrong with either but when they control your behavior to where you're controlled negatively by your feelings or passion is where you draw the line between reasonable and harmful. I feel.yelling at ... more »

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Total, federal, bsd, odyssey, Mutant, shadow, stolen, s&m, fit