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Your hub may not be seated in the center of the rim. There's an easy way to find out if that's the problem but it only works with female axle hubs. I dont want to type it all here if you have a make axle. If you do have a male axle, take it to the bike ... more »

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DeMarcus Paul does this. Rides, spins regular right foot forward stance but grinds mostly on his left. There's a few street riders out there that do this. If it works keep it up!

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Frame: -- FIEND VARANYAK V2 PURPLE 20.75 Fork: -- FIEND PROCESS Stem: -- ECLAT ONYX Bars: -- SUBROSA RAY 9.5 Grips: -- SHADOW GIPSY Seat: -- SHADOW PENUMBRA Seatpost: -- ODYSSEY Cranks: -- ODYSSEY THUNDERBOLT 165 Sprocket: ... more »

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Ran my R25s for about 2 1/2 yrs no problems. They're light and strong so are on my top list. Have been on the Fiend Process forks for close to a year now and have nothing but good to say about them minus the weight. Not the lightest if you're a weight ... more »

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It actually looks dope. It'll honestly probably look better if you do the whole frame as the shiny and flat colors kinda clash. 👌

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if your bike is turning to the left its cuz there is more weight on the left. which foot forward do you ride? you may need to adjust which leg you are putting pressure on or where your body is going so that you can find the center of balance between ... more »

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g forms can doclose to the same with less bulk.. that's some heavy duty gear there though.

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GForms are AMAAAAZING. its a hi-tech foam that offers more resistance the more force it encounters. theyre comfy, light weight and because it's not a lot of material they don't stink as bad. ive fallen to my knees from the top of a quarter and had no ... more »

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I'm in Chicagoland. If you can produce another hundred you can have my like new S&M Dagger 21". 63zero2900972

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12.6 on my Varanyak V2. It felt short coming from a 13" but 2 weeks later I'm adjusted to it. It felt like my 170 cranks were too long with it that short, like the leverage felt wonky when turning on manuals so I put on my 165s and it's like butter. ... more »

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Awww yeah. Hangover H3 was my favorite frame I have ever owned so far. I ride mostly street and had no problems at all. Ended up trading it for the Dagger I have now and regretting it. I like the feeling of the low SO and BB.

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I think those are cantilever brakes. The predecessor to the v brake. They used a harness that hooked into both of those.claws and pulled from the middle like on a 990.

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It's a resin compound hence the name resin.

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Rubber comes latex extracted from rubber trees. Plastic from oil. Which kind of plastic is rubber made from again?

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I had a pair of the 9.25s. Loved them until I found they were bent about 8mos later. Maybe the bike landed on them on a big bail that would bend any bars, maybe they're just weak and bent from regular use. Pros: light, pretty, good geo, feel good on ... more »

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The difference between how they work on female and a male axle is that a male axle is stationary and only the nuts turn so you can slam the tensioner into it and the nuts would do the tightening on the outside of the dropout. On a female axle, the tensioner ... more »

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Ummmm. Maybe they shouldn't call them tensioners then. Also, the nuts or bolts on your axle are what stop your wheel from moving not the tensioners. If they're so soft as you say. then they'll just bend when they get hit and your wheel will still.move. ... more »

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Confused.. please elaborate?

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Chain tensioners are useless if you use female axle bolts as they will drag agaisnt the tensioner when you tighten them. They only work with male axles. Is it really affecting your wheel install not to have them? I have a Dagger. And I would 100% recommend ... more »