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Bump. This is still available.

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I've got a black 21in dagger. 6mos old, its too long for me.

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Imagine spinning on only your back wheel. lean/drop all your weight on your legs (not your chest or.shoulders) and over the back wheel and hold it there. this will turn the back wheel into your pivot point. While using your legs to hold your body there, ... more Β»

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I think a lot of it is mental.. I was trying to 50/50 a waist high ledge which was high for me back in 2015. Anyway, i popped so hard I landed on top on my tires. At that moment i realized i could physically hop higher than i had mentally allowed myself ... more Β»

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100% Reccomend! Great seller fast response and all parts new! Thank you ESKEW77! Bars cranks forks headset stem grips seatpost all in great condition!

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I wish my trick list included the casual 360 whip. πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ I'm sure you can get them all back within a couple years.

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Whoa.. that's true about the a2c range changing with offsets. I can see how that would make it more complicated for someone unfamiliar with how it works.. I know I saw one zero offset fork with like 124mm length and couldnt figure why they'd add the ... more Β»

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I mean maybe but I'm asking in a bmx forum because they're questions about bmx products and fork offset isn't really what I'm asking to know about either here. Could there be a bmx frame building forum or page on it?

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Wow, didn't even know this was a thing.

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Just realized that while we're on it, the height a frame manufacturer uses on their frame jig will also greatly affect how the frame feels/performs when on a fork. If the frame jig has a template that uses a 320mm fork as the reference to the ground ... more Β»

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Which do you prefer and why? I dont have enough experience with the different heights to really know. I was on r25s for more than 2 years and the Process Forks now, both with the same height. I'm just wondering if there's a reason they make them different ... more Β»

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Odyssey RSeries forks are 315mm. The Colony Sweeth Tooth forks are the same weight and Offset as the R25 but are 317mm instead of 315 so theoretically would raise your front end a bit.

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I get on here sporadically so if this topic was already covered, pardon me. Fork Length is a geo factor I don't hear covered in a lot of discussions about fork performance. That would be the length from the crown to the center of the front axle. The

... more Β»

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Yeah, alex D and trey Jones also run long offsets and dominate the nose game too. You just have to go steeper but each one has its sweet spot.. the better you are at finding that, the more Courgae your Adam's will be. πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

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I've been on the Process forks for about 6mos now and I have a hard time imagining going back. I don't ride trails so that may be a factor but while it is a different balance point, you do adjust your reflexes to it. The benefits are 1. easier to do ... more Β»

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I'm interested in buying just the Bars, Grips, forks. Message or call me at Six30-290-09seven2 if you'd be willing to part it out. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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If you know how to delete sold product posts please comment below.

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That frame also comes in 20.75. That would be your closest match to your description.

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If you're consistently landing at 270 its cuz u need to spin a bit faster. A tuck may add 10degrees but you'd still land off center. If you can remember how hard you spin to land where you're landing now, then put a little more force into that spin than ... more Β»

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Thank you. πŸ˜ƒ