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Downsides are the high tt gets in the way on whips, inverts/tables and footjam stuff and all the extra metal makes the frame heavy and more sluggish when you're doing tech stuff. If you dont spend a lot of time messing with that kind of stuff, it won't ... more »

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I've got a BSD Soulja 20.6 in super condition. Stopped riding it to change geo and never went back. $ 190 shipped 20.6 / 75.2 / 71 / 12.8-13 2 / 8.8 / 11.7

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Yes. The gap is normal. If you take off that cone and all other cones, you will see they are designed with extra material for that gap to exist.

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Quite certain that when matt rode 3 pegs he took off the back right one. Totally the opposite in this pic. Could it have just been his sig that he signed? Back in the day the pros rode their own completes. Also check out that 15 inch back end!

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Lol damn. 😂

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75.5ht 71st 9"so 11.7bb 13ish-12.5cs 5"ht How many frames can you name with this (more or less identical) geometry? Some have a 9.25so, some dont have the 5"ht but in general It seems like almost every company has a frame with these specs. Most of them ... more »

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Not sure if this has a thread already but haven't heard much about grip specs. What do you prefer and why? Type of pattern that works best for you? Thick or thin, soft or hard material? Flanges/flangeless? For me, its: Thicker grips (31mm plus) without ... more »

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What's the offset on the Cult Forks?

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Great frame. Get it!

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I just got on some Kink Pillar 22s and they’re dope. Best part is they’re lighter than all other similar cranks while having an added "pillar" for support. I’m still new on them so Time will have to tell. I do recommend them if anyone is looking for ... more »

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It does. But dont stress it too much. Start learning on the one you have and when you get better at them, try a different stem to see what you like. Because no matter what anyone reccommends, you may actually prefer the opposite and unless you try it, ... more »

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all day. I just sell my perfectly working stuff to buy other stuff. its a weird obsession I don't NEED half the stuff I buy for bikes. I just enjoy getting new parts and trying them out. in the process I've been able to eliminate the stuff that I don't ... more »

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My loss is your gain. Nothing wrong with these. Most are in like new condition. I just like trying new parts and these are all just sitting around. Everything well cared for and I will send the warranty card and original box with the forks and cranks.

... more »

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I've got a purple Profile Mini with a black 7ka or a gold Cinema 777 if you're looking to save. 150 shipped with the 7ka 130 shipped with with the 777

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My LairdFrame is at 11.65 and feels dope. I stopped riding it when I switched to a 13" rear and it couldn't slam that short. I'm on a lower 11.5 which feels good with the shorter CS but I think ill go .55 or .6 next time. There is a little more snap ... more »

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Those will feel different, however, If you dont already know which you prefer, then don't worry about it. The only way to find what you like is to actually try them all. You can do all the same tricks on both frames. I'd go more off the tt length because ... more »

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That back end tho.. :D it's like a 15.25"

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I'm about to switch to 165s and I have a great condition set of thunderbolts in 170 black if you're interested $80shipped. With the box and all parts that came with. Im the original purchaser with receipt and I'll process the warranty for you if you ... more »

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How much for the cranks and are they Right or LHD?

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Who hates on gloves? It's freestyle no one can penalize you for doing it. Ignore them, dont stoop to their level.