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Alright, thanks man! I will have to get some flashes and try this out.

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Really like these photos! The lighting is really good. However, try to work more on composition and stay away from ass shots. haha Some of these photos would look a lot better if you composed them differently. Always be creative and different, but it ... more »

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Reply to Movie Automatically Stoppped Recoding Error Help 1/26/2014 9:32 AM

Thanks guys for your help. I just got a San Disk 32gb card with a read/write speed of 95mb/s and its working great! I haven't had any issues so far with the recording stopping automatically.

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Thanks man! Yeah, we are working on a normal edit right now.

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Hahaha yeeee!

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Are you pro?

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I ride pegless and have broken 8 spokes in the last 4 months. I have no clue why there breaking but its making me pissed. Right now I am riding with two spokes missing and my wheel is fine just a little out of true.

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Yeah, Im running a lyra in the front right now and its great!

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Go with this. Its a beast set up and the machete grips extremely well.

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Reply to Fit VH3 frame??? 5/23/2012 5:06 PM

Yeah, thanks man! I really like the color and everything of the VH3. Im like 5'10" almost 6ft if I get it in a 21tt do u think it will fill cramped because its more laid back?

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I mostly ride street/my frontyard. My friends say that the 74.5 is bad that I want to get a 75 or more. They say it is more for airing stuff. I dont want spend like 300 on a frame and not like it....will the frame be good for street riding???

Reply to Fit VH3 frame??? 5/19/2012 6:53 PM

Nice, love Dugan's style....thats sick! You know Tyler England, right? Is your name is Bryce??

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Alright, thanks man. Ya I figured you probably cant even tell the difference. Nahhh I dont plan on nose manueling that much.

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Yeah its a sick frame...the 74.5 headtube doesn't feel to laid back? or can you even tell?

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Nice...what purple frame is that??

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Yeah idk where he got that from. But I looked around also and most sites said 6 to 12 weeks is the average recovery. However, everybody's body is different. Maybe Dennis is like a bmx god and will heal in a week. hahah

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Yeah...of all the bones in his body im suprised he broke his femur. I was reading the thing demolition put out and they said the femur is the biggest bone in your body. For him to break that is crazy!