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Wouldn't wanna fuck that one up. Bunnyhop superman.

Added reply in a thread IS there a way to unbuckle a rim 5/24/2010 3:42 AM

That's right... I can do it, just really scared to on my own wheels... Does it affect rolling speed? I think it might.

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Can I use a rope? It hits the deck sometimes and cancels whatever air I just got

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I had this. Keep riding it heavy and hopping and you'll tank up, then get a lighter bike and it'll feel like nothing.

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What he said ^^^^ i've only really started doing actual riding recently, my best hop up something is a three stair. My tip, is to try and be standing with the bars touching you. Then push as hard as you can downwards, and tuck the bike.

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Kevin didn't give me one.. Hamster.. Aaron Ross grips are gay. I bought them cause my name is Aaron. Now I wish my name was edwin.

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For me, I tried lifting the back over to the right about 30 degrees(so I jam with my right, if your left foot forward, reverser this). Then once I could do that easily I would try and jump my foot next to the tyre, and finally onto the tyre.

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It probably doesn't, but when you do, don't take all the grease out, or sit your driver in petrol. Just wipe it out with something, takes enough out to make it louder. If you have done a hub before, only undo the driver side nut, then slide the driver ... more »

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My right back wheel, with peg on... Cause it's pointy

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Eclat seat,

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I can do that in my bed

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I just patched my tube, how high will it pump to? I have it at 70 and it seems to be holding.

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Hours of practice. I can just hop 180 and almost get outta the fakie. Just keep trying new things. Riding Is about fun.

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Apparently eastern stuff is shit. WeThePeople. You won't. I'm getting the Versus on Thursday. Amazing bike. Rode like a babe. And I hopped so good I smacked the tyre into my nuts. Save a little more. It's well worth it.

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You are a bitch. I had my bike stolen. I went round there and kicked the kids ass. I hope you die.

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Lol. Ghostbusters'd his face.

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I tried looking up an over, and tucking as good as I can with my pathetic hop, and I can almost get it, but I'm really leaned over, and I keep slipping a foot. Any ideas on that?

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Bring a really gay friend on a scooter. Everytime you pussy out, think you will be like him.

Started new thread The amazing 180 question! 4/19/2010 2:36 AM

Yes I used search. Ive read, my question wasn't answered. I have landed two or three, but I can't spin it consistently. I'm asking if I lift the bike and turn, or turn lift and turn. Also, do you need to kick the back out, cause I can never get near ... more »

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