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ShamousBMX 10/22/2011 5:11 PM

I tried to order my bike parts from sean (the owner of WORLD RIDE SHOP in Vegas) but he didnt handle it like a good buisness owner should he kept putting my order off and procrastinated even though i told him i was on a dead line and he kept avoiding my phone calls and texts, finally almost 2 weeks later he finally ordered all my parts but this whole time he was lying to me multiple times saying all the parts were already in and he shiped it already then after a few more days i still didnt get anything or even a tracking number he lied and told me he sent my package but it got lost so i was really upset at this point and called WRS and Tony answered and he told me the truth (he had no idea Sean was lying to me) and i actually found out that he still hasnt even shipped them and he put in a late order and was still waiting on my cranks. He wasnt even going to give me a good discount for all this bull i was putting up with he was only doin 10% off and 3-5 days shipping, i didnt know firends were suppose to lie to eachother and rip them off and i didnt know good buisness owners blew off orders and treated the customer like crap... im not shitting on world ride shop cuz Tony and the team are great employees and those guys r awesome riders! but sean sucks as a boss and if it wasnt for his awesome employees and his great mother that shop wouldnt last a week. so anyone looking to order parts goto danscomp and goto this web site for promo codes including 20% OFF!​w/ my order was like $1150 and it came out to $890 or if ur in vegas goto world ride shop and talk to Tony, not sean cuz he'll probably mess up ur order.

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