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I got my bike for way less than anything on CL about a month ago. It was dirt cheap, literally. I'm right at 6' and the frame is 19' and the bars have about a 6 inch rise, maybe a tiny bit more. It's a nice bike for what it is, but it's been giving me ... more »

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Nice vid, makes me want to get out and ride. Beautiful landscaping/architectural work there as well, good job.

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Haven't really been here long enough to agree with the first parts, but the last part for sure. Unfortunately, social media sites have really been killing forums/message boards since they shot off. Same thing happened with another forum I'm on. It sucks. ... more »

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Maybe if I worked closer.. where I work now it'd take about 2 hours.

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Hi, my name is Sherman.. I don't ride, I've just been hanging around. Saving up for a bike. I've rode on a dirt track a few times.. years ago. Recently the bug bit.. I have no idea what set it off, but I'm really looking forward to hitting up the park ... more »