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Reply to Money issues.. 12/20/2013 10:14 AM

That is unfortunate.. I would do like Kane said and just get a job anyway. 10 - 15 hours a week isn't going to destroy your studies/school. Plus it helps make you appreciate the stuff you buy. I pieced together my setup with very little money.. its nothing ... more »

Reply to Ever had your bike stolen? 12/19/2013 8:50 PM

Im going to guess you're white. Hope that catches up to you one day. Never had a bike stolen.. been blamed though. It was the bike I brought from nc lol. But my stuff is locked in my house or in my grip all the time.

Reply to You tell me. 12/15/2013 5:14 PM

Buy used.

Reply to Anyone else not getting bike stuff for Christmas? 12/12/2013 3:13 PM

Probably not.. getting a little too old for others to pay for my hobbies.

Reply to Well this was a good laugh! 12/11/2013 1:41 PM

I think he didn't learn that 'g' and 'q' are indeed different letters, lol.

Reply to A legit survey. 12/11/2013 1:34 PM

How often do you ride : 2 -3 times a week, try for an hour at a time.. winter sucks What brand bike do you have : Diamondback Do you ride to the best of your ability : Yes What's your favorite style or type of riding (flat,dirt,park,street) : So far ... more »

Reply to vintage chrome GT'S 12/11/2013 1:31 PM

Looks a lot better! What'd you use to clean up the chrome? Any plans?

Reply to Bunny Hops Cause Bad Wrist Pain 12/8/2013 9:18 PM

Do you have a proper size frame/bars? I had the same issue with one of my wrists til I got onto a larger set up.

Reply to Back in '95.. 11/29/2013 4:38 AM

Thanks for the correction.. should have done a little more research, haha.

Reply to BMX Christmas! 11/20/2013 4:36 AM

Tried to message you.. but I can't even find the inbox. meh. But no, I haven't yet. Still trying to get a rig I'm comfortable with before I go out anywhere riding, haha. You ride down here often?

Reply to BMX Christmas! 11/19/2013 7:06 AM

Not too far from there, in Albuquerque

Reply to BMX Christmas! 11/18/2013 7:55 AM

I haven't really seen or heard anything bad about them, I'll take my chances :p

Reply to BMX Christmas! 11/17/2013 8:03 PM

Looking into a new frame.. 21in Haro Zebra along with a decent headset and bottom bracket bearings.

Reply to Relationships and BMX 11/16/2013 2:39 AM

My wife pretty much lets me do/try what I want within reason. She doesn't usually want to hear about it, but as long as I'm still putting in my support for the family (money, emotionally, etc.) it's all good.

Reply to Bigger bars or bigger frame/TT? 11/14/2013 12:01 PM

Yeah, I'm hoping I can find a decent bike shop that will let me try bars, or at least similar set up to mine. I don't want to blindly buy bars.. plus when I impulse buy, it's horrible, lol. edit: For future reference.. if anyone digs this thread up, ... more »

Reply to Bigger bars or bigger frame/TT? 11/13/2013 5:43 PM

Thanks dude, I appreciate it. I'll look into those. Would 9in bars be good for say on a 21in + frame as well? Say if I were to upgrade frames in the future.

Reply to A week in Barca. 11/12/2013 5:08 PM

Nice vid, makes me want to get out and ride. Beautiful landscaping/architectural work there as well, good job.

Reply to Vital is dead 11/7/2013 7:32 AM

Haven't really been here long enough to agree with the first parts, but the last part for sure. Unfortunately, social media sites have really been killing forums/message boards since they shot off. Same thing happened with another forum I'm on. It sucks. ... more »

Reply to anyone ride a bmx to work 10/17/2013 10:46 AM

Maybe if I worked closer.. where I work now it'd take about 2 hours.

Reply to Introduce Yourself 10/8/2013 4:05 PM

Hi, my name is Sherman.. I don't ride, I've just been hanging around. Saving up for a bike. I've rode on a dirt track a few times.. years ago. Recently the bug bit.. I have no idea what set it off, but I'm really looking forward to hitting up the park ... more »