A few years ago, just before the X Games, a friend asked me what I was planning, did I have any new stuff I was saving for the X Games. I told him no, I didn't have a foam pit and so I didn't have anything new and groundbreaking. I joked that I should make my excuses before my run so everyone knew not to expect anything new and my friend made the joke about being 'foam free'. I said it would be funny if I had a 'foam free' sticker on my helmet or something and my friend got to work. 

I figured my friends would get the joke and anyone who didn't, well who cares?
So anyway, it was a joke.

Then people kept asking me why I was 'anti-foam pits' and what my problem was. I always answered my problem with foam pits is that I didn't have one! 
At some point I made a comment about how learning big tricks into the foam could backfire on a real ramp because you would never have learnt a safe way to get out of it. Even though I was just thinking out loud, it was quoted and used.
So, anyway, the joke is old now yet I still read quotes about how "I fundamentally oppose foam pits" and how I "prefer to learn tricks the hard  way, on a real ramp".
This is what we English would call 'bollocks'.
The truth is I love the idea of not having to pound myself into the floor and, before too long, I'm hoping to have a foam bath of my own.
In the meantime, I'll hopefully get myself out of the house and over to Woodward or somewhere so that I can finally nail those no handed tailwhip 900 flips!

So, hopefully, I've set the record straight now. In case anyone cares! 
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