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If you can find any sort of flat bank, to try straight hops to fakie, or little hop 90s to fakie, that helped me a lot. Fakie hops on a little quarter pipe even more so. I think landing on a slope like that helps you get used to landing with more back ... more »

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PLEASE BABY JESUS let's not turn this into mountain biking with 3 different kinds of steerer, 2 different bar diameters, 4 different axle spacings, like 20 types of bottom bracket, 3 different seat post diameters and whatever the fcuk is up with the ... more »

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I think "portable gazebo" is what to search for? At the BMX track the racers use shades like these

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I think the further up and down your leg they go, the less they move, but obviously that's a trade off with bulk and sweatyness. The 7IDP Sam Hill pads got rave reviews for never slipping down but they're practically a full leg sleeve. And they do kinda look like ... more »

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If ya having trouble finding the right size pillow that fits, Brandon Loupos helped develop these padded shorts. A bunch of motocross protection companies make them as well. I think Jaws Homoki wears them as well? I wear them for BMX racing because it's inevitable I will one day loop out on ... more »

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For a midweek session, I will ride to the train station, take my BMX on the train (a small 20'' is great for this, I have a spot in the carriage where I turn it up onto the bars and front wheel and lean it against the wall) then leave it in the back ... more »

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You can definitely decide on, and practice a style. I had an extremely stylish friend, who admitted that he filmed himself all the time just to look at his style, if he spotted anything he didn't like he'd would go back, and practice to get it smoother ... more »

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If I were a rich man...I think I'd have a second BMX bike for racing and trails for sure. Probably a 22'' or 24'' cruiser. I mean I'd have a full downhill mountain bike too and a little 250 trail dirtbike and one of those SurRon electric motobikes and ... more »

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A question to ask, if you think it's important to wear a helmet, is then why not a full face helmet? A helmet protects you, a full face protects you even more right? Then why not even a motorcycle full face helmet - the most protection! In fact there ... more »

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Also look at Diamondback Sync'r. I saw a mountain bike youtuber I watch got given one, he loved it and ended up riding it a lot and even sent a 40'' jump with it.

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I'm not sure you want an Enduro bike. It's a category for specialist race bikes and tends to have racer prices and carbon bits to match and it will ride like a sofa unless you are doing race pace on a national level downhill course. What you want I think ... more »

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White for me. In Australia we have two seasons, summer. and BURNING ULTRAVIOLET CANCER OVEN. I find black helmets noticeably hotter and sweatier in the sun, every helmet I've bought recently is white.

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I live in an (large) apartment without a garage and all our bikes live inside. Landlord doesn't want me to mount anything on the walls either. I got a "bike tree" stand like this that just leans on ... more »

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I second riding in the mornings to avoid crowds I second looking for girls only nights or events - even if they're for skateboarding, ask about it, they might be cool. Skaters (mostly) don't bite. To continue with that, if you ride at the skatepark a ... more »

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It's actually ok to have some holes in your frame so any water inside can dry out if your bike gets wet. I've heard stories of taking the cranks out of an MTB, and there being a puddle of water in there and the frame rusted through from the inside out. ... more »

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There's been a period in MTB where all sorts of crazy products have been coming out to try and reduce flats. Extra thick tubeless tires, foam and plastic inserts, all sorts of sealant and instant puncture repair gizmos... Eventually one guy on pinkbike ... more »

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What you need is "smart" valve cap with an automatic digital pressure gauge, that automatically sends an alert to your iphone when the pressure drops below the optimum range! Only $199!

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I run 60-70psi, but I'm also medium height and super skinny (65kg) if I run more psi than that it's just too harsh for me. If you do run pressure too low (like 30 or 40psi), the tires can fold or collapse when pumping hard on a ramp or dirt jump, which ... more »

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I got some fancy weight weenie wheels built a few months ago. Profile mini hubs with the skinny 3/8'' female axles GSport birdcage rims Double butted spokes Maxxis Torch 1.95 race tires (these are paperweight) No pegs. I haven't counted the grams...but ... more »

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I mean if you want to go reaaaally light....the answer is racing frames and parts yeah? Carbon everything!