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Second session learning to jump the spine. The way that's kind of working for me, is to go straight up and pull the bars to my thighs while pushing on the pedals, which sends me pitching right over, actually pretty smooth when I get it. There was another ... more »

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Watching from outside the USA, my guess was that it was personal falling out due to either COVID or Trump politics. I've heard of plenty of that going on among families and friends at the moment.

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Mountain bikers started experimenting with different sized front and rear wheels, right before COVID happened. Coincidence? I think not.

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I read in the news about this homeless guy in London who had excavated an entire hidden underground bunker in a park to live in. It had a concrete floor, wooden roof, stove, fully plush, literally underground in a normal park in the middle of the city ... more »

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Went to Sydney Park skatepark. Put on every pad I own. Did some run ups, then jumped the spine. First time I went pretty flat haha, second time wasn't much better... Third time I pulled on the bars harder and tucked over the top of them, and it was butter! ... more »

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Five Ten made a bunch of different shoes, for rock climbing (they were originally a climbing shoe brand) and kayaking/canoeing river shoes (Five Ten Canyoneers) as well as seems like everyone has been pretty negative about Five Ten in the last ... more »

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The thing is, no-one actually gets paid just because you're good at a sport. As a sponsored rider, your actual job is not really to ride real good. It's being a salesperson. You're in sales and you're helping to sell a brand. (Even in team sports, you ... more »

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Find a park some grass, and start by just jumping over the bars while riding along, with both wheels still on the ground. After I did that, then I found a small hole in the grass, and would nose dive into it on purpose, to practice jumping over while ... more »

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Hi, So after March 2020 when the skateparks got closed and my BMX race club shut down and everything sort of went to hell, I stopped riding and basically for whatever reason didn't ride again for the rest of 2020. I moved house in December and we're ... more »

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I've been lucky so far bike riding, mostly bunch of sprains and bruises and things that heal in a month. Broke my arm and ankle when I was a kid. Worst story as an adult, actually rock climbing in a gym. I was lead climbing and my fucking belayer let ... more »

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Just got back from my first skatepark ride since March woohoo. Did a couple airs. I also went for an after-dark street ride recently with a mate (it's winter here) to a wallride spot, jumped some stairs, so good to be riding again. Too many hours playing ... more »

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If you can find any sort of flat bank, to try straight hops to fakie, or little hop 90s to fakie, that helped me a lot. Fakie hops on a little quarter pipe even more so. I think landing on a slope like that helps you get used to landing with more back ... more »

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PLEASE BABY JESUS let's not turn this into mountain biking with 3 different kinds of steerer, 2 different bar diameters, 4 different axle spacings, like 20 types of bottom bracket, 3 different seat post diameters and whatever the fcuk is up with the ... more »

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I think "portable gazebo" is what to search for? At the BMX track the racers use shades like these

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I think the further up and down your leg they go, the less they move, but obviously that's a trade off with bulk and sweatyness. The 7IDP Sam Hill pads got rave reviews for never slipping down but they're practically a full leg sleeve. And they do kinda look like ... more »

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If ya having trouble finding the right size pillow that fits, Brandon Loupos helped develop these padded shorts. A bunch of motocross protection companies make them as well. I think Jaws Homoki wears them as well? I wear them for BMX racing because it's inevitable I will one day loop out on ... more »

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For a midweek session, I will ride to the train station, take my BMX on the train (a small 20'' is great for this, I have a spot in the carriage where I turn it up onto the bars and front wheel and lean it against the wall) then leave it in the back ... more »

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You can definitely decide on, and practice a style. I had an extremely stylish friend, who admitted that he filmed himself all the time just to look at his style, if he spotted anything he didn't like he'd would go back, and practice to get it smoother ... more »

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If I were a rich man...I think I'd have a second BMX bike for racing and trails for sure. Probably a 22'' or 24'' cruiser. I mean I'd have a full downhill mountain bike too and a little 250 trail dirtbike and one of those SurRon electric motobikes and ... more »

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A question to ask, if you think it's important to wear a helmet, is then why not a full face helmet? A helmet protects you, a full face protects you even more right? Then why not even a motorcycle full face helmet - the most protection! In fact there ... more »