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Does anyone know what is going to happen with X Games in the future? I know it didn’t happen last year, but being that even the olympics are being planned for this summer I was wondering if it is possible that they put one on.

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Hopefully we are coming to a point where this stuff doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters to me is bmx and Corey is one of the best to ever do it, hands fucking down. Good for him!

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Is the key sprocket 19 or 22mm

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48 spline refers to 48 spline cranks which are usually stronger. A half link chain is a chain where instead of having a male and female link each link is identical so you can break the chain and connect it to any other link it is also stronger

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My First Custom Build
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You definitely want to replace the current bars if they are that low. Having a bike that fits well will vastly improve your riding

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Second Hand Slash Used Parts are going to be everyone’s friends this year

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The bike shouldn’t be too heavy and starting with a heavier bike will make you a better rider in the future