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People should send the money first...Then get their product...How it works....

Added reply in a thread Post ANY and ALL broken parts that are NOT Eastern 5/20/2010 7:43 AM

WHOA attack on me haha O-well people only hate no a days anyway...eventhough WE ALL RIDE......What can ya do... Guess its pretty wild that someone broke profiles.....And I was only riding a redline because had nothing else at the time and me being a ... more »

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Im not sure I understand why people post pics saying they broke profiles.....THAT my friend will never happen.....Never! And old profiles? what son? I dont think so..Profiles have been what they are since the damn 70's or early 80's...something like ... more »

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Anyone selling or know of someone selling a complete..No junk..Looking to spend 300 possible more. Let me know! Pay through paypal only..

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HEY, Do you still have this bike? complete? How much for the whole thing? I would start offer at 300. Pay through paypal...Let me know.

Added a comment about video Tech Tips: BMX Grip Installation 5/8/2009 6:20 PM

Id like to see the air compressor, Ive got one but havent seen it in use for grips before. I usually just use clear coat spray paint stuff. Works pretty good.....Well untill you put a hole in your grip then ya just kinda need new ones.

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Man....What a video. About half way through i'm like damn, This dude is crazy. hahaha

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lol. I dunno just something random I thought of real quick. And the cable ties were only for that day because I was at the davenport skatepark and had a fall of of a sub box ontop of a quater and some how the seat popped off of the metal bars w/e so ... more »

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AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH THATS SICK!!!! Gumball 3000 what a race.

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in profile couldnt figure out the whole link thing. Whatcya think, hahahaha bring it on. lmao

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I would, I have before and it was straight...Just talk to the person a little bit before you but it.

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1984 apple lisa 2.5

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1984 Apple Lisa 2.5

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We the people frame. Stock bars & forks. Front brakes Chrome front laced to profile hub. Back primo hula hoop laced to primo hub. hemroid seat with custom bandana covering... pegs on right side. custom 3 peice. lmao was threded now has profile bearing ... more »

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Word. That would work best...Hacksaw...clean it up with a grinder.

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lmao!....Seen the D-port park yet man? lol

Added reply in a thread sickest bikes ever built. period. 3/24/2009 8:54 AM

LMAO. Doesnt look like it'd be to hard to fab up one.....Metal frame and set a couch up on it.

Added reply in a thread what are the best plastic pedals? 3/24/2009 8:51 AM

plastic petals...Eww. I dunno. Nothin like a nice shin tendering pulverizer huh? lol. Weve all got the metal pedal scars going up and down the legs mmmmmMMM Beefy.

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Yea...Running? WOW that is the dumbest thing you could EVER do. I mean EVER. Poeple make cops out to be fuckin harsh, But damn sit there and talk to em and you are straight. Fuckin pussies run from cops. I mean weed...Yea run, I would. But DAMN if you ... more »