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LET IT BE KNOWN! I'm going to do something I've never done before, and will never do again.... I recommend the cult, because it is a Primo Mix. Fuck rebranding...

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If you run back peg(s) you have more clearance of your foot hitting, as well as giving you more torque with your pedal stroke. It's like losing 1 tooth on your sprocket, but with a slightly closer stance as well. I'm thinking of going to 170's when I ... more »

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KHE Collapse is coming back out. I plan on getting one when it drops.

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Pardon me for asking, but why? I haven't heard much about the venus, besides my friend riding it lightly, so I'm curious.

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I didn't want to have to step in here, since I hate arguing, but you, my friend across the lake, are the most ignorant fuck I've seen on here in quite some time. As Sunday, a reputable member here who has actual incite in products, has made it evidently ... more »

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@HB Mooky - Na.

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Over time, tires do stretch. I've had multiple FAF-2.25's and each one of them started out small and stretched out to get pretty beastly. As you ride them, the compound softens, the tire gets thinner, and the tendencies of rubber are to stretch.

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I've seen full, new market value come out of an insurance claim, but most likely, this is true.

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They will give you the worth of your bike, not what you paid for it. So if your parts totaled up to more than you paid for them, you're in luck! haha I've seen the deductible be $250, and in more extreme cases, even up to $1000. Sometimes, it's not even ... more »

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Even if that's the case, you'll have to pay that deductible to get it back. Unfortunately, that's how insurance companies work. You have to pay in order for them to pay. It's bullshit, but that's life in the big city.

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I always wanted it, ever since it came out, but never saw any justification for buying a seat when mine was fine. Well, broke my seat, so I got a barstool because I've grown up and want something more cussiony for riding sitting down, which I never cared ... more »

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I don't know how it works in Canada, but here in the states, you can file that under your homeowners insurance. Pay a small deductible, probably $250-$500, and they will give you, in cash, the full worth of your bike. It's worth it if your bike was like ... more »

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Yes. You should be concerned. Not only is your tire splitting, but you also stated you were putting plastic pegs on, which I'd be concerned about if I were you. (hehe... steel is real!) But really, email shadow. They should take care of you because that ... more »

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I've got a few... I want that bluebird! Haha The invisible frame.

Me on my bicycle This is last year. Again, last year. My first tuck off a ledge. Tuck no hander. This is at my college last year. I stood ... more »
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I've had a rollcage in the back for 3 years, going on 4. It's seriously amazing. You just can't go wrong with gsport.

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I want opinions... What looks better on my bike? Tanwalls, or Blacks? I know it's going to be a while until I need new tires, but I'm thinking of going back to blacks next pair. What do you think?

... more »
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Thanks man! Haha it's actually funny... all of the clips in that video are at least a month old and in that month I've learned quite a bit. Unfortunately, I'm out with a stretched LCL and a minor tear in my meniscus for another 2 weeks... Hopefully I'll ... more »

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I assume you meant to say "or" instead of "of," so my answer would be trans gold, for the fact that the frame not only doesn't come in gloss clear, but also wouldn't have the gold tint to it. I really like how you can see all the welds with the translucent ... more »

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If you get the nomads, I promise you that you won't be disappointed. I rode them 2 years on my boss, before selling them to my friend because I got a great deal on Twombolts. I actually regret that decision. I would've rather had the nomads. Eastern ... more »

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I didn't hurry. You realize that people ride high seats again these days right? Also, those wheels are bomb, and I love Eastern... Rode a Boss for 3 years before I had to lay it's final living parts, the frame, bars, and stem to rest a few months ago. ... more »