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New thread quick little question 4/20/2011 12:22 PM

ok so i just ordered my matching front wheel via my local bike shop (gsport marmoset to rollcage just like my back) and im just wondering.... does it come with volcano bolts or regulars? and why do people run volcanos instead of regulars? wouldnt they ... more »

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New thread so did these ever even come out? 4/11/2011 6:59 AM

i was looking at front wheels and i have ratchet to rollcage back but i want to get a marm to rollcage front.... when i need it haha not quite yet but i was just wondering if these ever came out? it says late 2010 which it clearly is past that and i ... more »

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New thread what is that edit... 1/25/2011 2:15 PM

that has black and yellow as the song and its on some legit website haha i wanna show my buddy im at his house. plz post it!

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New thread hey guys 1/13/2011 7:03 PM

haven't been on here in a while so whats new? any new edits out that are worth seeing? i miss riding haha ive been wanting to ride so bad since it started to snow....

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New thread bike timeline of my current bike (i guess) 1/3/2011 5:29 PM

im bored so why not? DAY 1 [LINK TO IMAGE][/img] DESTROYED THE FORKS [LINK TO IMAGE][/img] USED MY PITCHFORKS FROM MY FIT (they're on my fit in the pic) [LINK TO IMAGE][/img] GOT NEW PITCHFORKS, NEW CHAIN,

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New thread umm anyone ever see this? 12/26/2010 6:47 PM

if you have post a vid my friend was talking about a trick where you do a backflip 360 and tailwhip at the same time and when the tail gets all the way around you kick it back the other way and its called a dishwasher or something? idk sounds like bullshit ... more »

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New thread this one is for you freecoaster guys 12/26/2010 7:36 AM

i was just browsing and found this great deal. someones gotta jump on it! i actually thought about it myself but im broke haha

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New thread hubbabubs 12/21/2010 6:15 PM

so in the future i will probably be getting a new front hub.... or hubbabub...? haha idk why i said that but anyway i was looking at gsport marmoset (obviously) ody vandero, and ecat pulse. id probably be relacing it with my alienation deviant. anyone ... more »

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New thread questions 12/16/2010 5:07 PM

my demolition missiles are finally getting holes in em after a year of riding em so i need new grips. cult dehart grips or odi longnecks? any other suggestions? (not edwins i hate those) and i've heard that blowdrying new grips softens them and helps ... more »

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New thread buddy wanted me to ask.... 12/14/2010 4:55 PM

he wants to get a frame with similar geometry to mine (the boss) but i have no idea what the geo of mine is. he basically wants mine with a 20.75 tt. anyone wanna help me out and give a good guess as to what the geo of the boss is? i know its a low profile ... more »

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New thread why cant u use em with chrome rims...? 12/13/2010 5:46 PM

i was thinking about running brakes again (i think about it almost daily even though i hate brakes) and in order to do so id need new pads. i was looking on dans and i saw the ody ones and it says not to run em with chrome rims, which i have. why is ... more »

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New thread sean burns 12/8/2010 4:01 PM

what do you guys think about him? jw.

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New thread ill be the example for you guys.... 12/7/2010 6:33 PM

if you ever get yelled at for trespassing or anything, leave. if you want to go ride in a building, dont. if you see something abandoned and decide you wanna go in it and check shit out, dont. i might be going to jail. i went into an abandoned warehouse, ... more »

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New thread you guys that snowboard 12/6/2010 4:28 PM

i tried snowboarding at my friend's house on friday (he has a dropin off of his roof, some rails, some kickers, and a quarter) and it was really easy. did some sick grinds and 180's and 1 360 and it was my first time and it was really fun haha so i was ... more »

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New thread it helped me so it might help you 12/5/2010 8:11 AM

i went to the park on friday and this guy was watching me try barspins and asked if i can do tuck no handers and i said no so he taught me them because he claimed that they were alot easier than barspins. im gonna share the way he taught me how to because ... more »

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New thread keepin fresh this winter 12/2/2010 12:50 PM

always wanted to make something to keep fresh for garage sessions over winter and i finally did it this year. didnt put on the ange iron yet but it works the way it is for now.

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New thread bored 12/2/2010 11:40 AM

decided id post pics of forks ive broken and forks that are strong as fuck that i love broken forks: Eastern Hawkeyes (broken off dropout and bent forward) Fit Blade (bent backwards) Stolen Cyclone (bent forwards)

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New thread new parts = new check (bunch of pics) 11/24/2010 7:24 PM

frame-2010 eastern boss fork-s&m pitchfork xlt-t bars-eastern 80's bars (8.25 rise) stem-eastern deceptikon cranks-eastern nomad headset-fly bearings with cane creek cap bb-eastern sealed pedals-ody twisted ((((NEW)))) pegs-eastern bird pegs sprocket-eastern

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New thread quick question 11/22/2010 7:23 PM

why do some parks not allow metal pegs? the ones around here allow metals but you guys are always talking about plastic pegs and shit how u need em at ur parks... why??

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New thread 2 things... are they tricks? 11/18/2010 4:01 AM

ya know how on a turndown you lean over and go around to the front of the bike?.... if you turn the other way but lean to the same side as the turndown is that a trick? like a turn... up? haha and is a grind in the position of a hang 5 on your front ... more »

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