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There are completes with a 22 inch toptube. Have a lookie at WTP's Audio : Verde's Spectrum: Fit's BF22: The Stolen Spade:

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Hey, tall-ass dude, I'm another tall ass dude and I'm hovering at the 6ft 2,5 mark too. I have gone through a somewhat similar situation a month ago as I looked into getting a new frame to build up a new bike and go riding after a 1 year lull. I originally ... more »

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Okay let's step things up and bring it international. I'm not going for the planned good/bad thing, because what I don't like in some place, some other rider could. Let's cut through the crap. -Vientiane, Laos Pretty nice features to ride (huge stair

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^ That's one of the replies to only read. Along with grumpySteve's, that I wholeheartedly agree with. Let's just slim it down. To organise a jam of that scale (or of any scale) takes effort, time, money. The only thing we, as responsible and respectable ... more »

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This. I had the Interlock Supreme, and it snapped twice. If you are going to ride dirt, where you wont need the protection offered by the burliness of such a chain, you're better off with a full link. The dust was wearing the chain down too, it was this ... more »

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This. The 2014 WTP Crysis was my first ever BMX bike, and I've never regretted the choice. In fact I waited half a year for the next BMX shipment to arrive (back when I was still living in laos). The WTP Crysis has now evolved into an ever better shred ... more »

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I've done this when I teared my bike completely apart. Putting stuff into plastic bags and marking em really helps. Just something for the rear hub. Light oil doesn't last a long time (from experience). It's best to use either heavy oil- or even better- ... more »

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OH MA GAWD! That last one just made my day. Markit Zero was the film that got me 100% into BMX. Watched it so many times... Looked for this music, never found it... That was 3-4 years ago! Thanks, man! You rock!

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I second that. Literally grew up with Calvin & Hobbes. My first ever comic strips. And Garfield too. That's epic.

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I tried the olive oil method the other day. Being a college freshman, I don't have a compressor under my bed, wd-40 pollutes, and my zip ties are too short. But I have a kitchen and in every kitchen of every human being there is some olive oil. I was ... more »

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Not a doctor, but BMX is quite intense on the heart. Mine anyways. I think. It's not like mountain biking in the way that it's more progressive and the name of the game is endurance. BMX is more like a pause-play kind of thing where your heart has got ... more »

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Kink Samurais look good, but they are pretty thin imo. They also slip pretty bad when you're sweating beads. Longnecks are also killer, but I'm on these Subrosa Genetic grips (extra long, a longneck-ish copy), but they're so thick and comfy. A small ... more »

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The only new year resolution I've made is to make them everyday and see them through before the sun sets. Ok fine, that was two. I'll just get in sync with the powers that govern my life and live it as long as I'm alive. Which means riding bicycles,

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Haven't seen the original video, saw his excuses thingy, have forgotten about it until I saw this thread. Here's my opinion. We all make mistakes in our lives, no matter if it's a small one or a big one. In his case, it seems to be pretty gigantic. He

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This. Whether we are on bikes, skateboards, or scooters, we're in it For The Experience. For the fun. For enjoying the thrill of progression. The thrill of riding. The thrill of being a skateboard-er, a BMX-er, or a scooter-er. Don't forget that scooters ... more »

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Not sure that chain pins and bottom bracket axles can be related mechanically-speaking. Crank spindles/axles are subjected to bending and torsion stresses (where having a hollow tube makes more sense), whereas chain pins are in shear. In shear, the more ... more »

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Nice whip you got here! The sand colorway really comes out great with all those black parts. You must be one happy fella

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Same opinion here. The bike already looks gorgeous. Ride it to hell and back and save your bucks. The long-term goal is the one to aim for.

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Definitely agree. I'll try it filming something like this when the snow melts, drone, microphone and riders on jumps all hooked up, goddam snow XD

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First more or less serious answer. It's all more or less about brand image and riders. There are no more shitty bikes now, they are all good if they're in the same price range. Check out their edits, their website, their riders, how long they've been ... more »