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Definitely agree. I'll try it filming something like this when the snow melts, drone, microphone and riders on jumps all hooked up, goddam snow XD

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First more or less serious answer. It's all more or less about brand image and riders. There are no more shitty bikes now, they are all good if they're in the same price range. Check out their edits, their website, their riders, how long they've been ... more »

Updated bike check Skylight's WeThePeople 11/27/2017 1:46 PM
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Please don't judge people, man. It's just something civilised people don't do. You have the right to post what you want. He does too. Let's not get into another bloody forum war, for peace's sake...

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I was so close to buying me a new frame, new bars, and a new chain. Didn't sadly get on with it tho. I'll ride what I have till it breaks. Stuff will be better in 5 years. I'll be less broke then, haha!

Added a comment about video UCI World Championships: Women's Final Highlights with Hannah Roberts, Lara Lessmann 11/24/2017 10:06 AM

Wouldn't even be able to do all the tricks in this video... Very impressive... Finally so happy to see girls coming into BMX! Keep up the courage, the skills, the determination, whatever keeps you riding! Makes me smile like a big pumpkin

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That's slick as hell... Mind if I base my next build on this?

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Immediately clicked on this post when I saw the title, and my smile widened into a grin as I read your plea... I had the same problem, and this literally drove me mad. I cannot tell you how many times I had shredded apart and rebuilt the headset. Might ... more »

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That's a really great edit! Very creative, with great angles. The wind was a bit wacky sometimes though. The idea behind the no-music thing is popping up like crazy these days... There is this edit on downhill mountain biking, and the sheer sound of ... more »

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That color scheme kicks ass! Amazed you did it by yourself. Skills!

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Oh, man. Let's just get on with it and not care too much about grammar mistakes... Some people write better than others, some just do not know how to speak properly, some are writers, but at the end of the day, we all do one thing: ride small bikes. ... more »

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As a home mechanic, it's best to have a bike dialled every moment of the day. It's best to perform preventive maintenance and to know that you can depend on your bike... Cause when you go out there and ride some heavy stuff, you better have a bike that's ... more »

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So yeah I've introduced myself waaaaay back when I first joined the forum, but man, it has been a long time since I've logged on, and I've seen so many new dudes joining vital since. So I'll have to do an update I guess. Here goes: I'm from Laos, I'm ... more »

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None, as I'm frameless haha. I would say grips tho. And pedal pins for those riding metal pedals.

Added reply in a thread that poor bike 9/22/2017 1:47 PM! Who said that you had to be fit to ride BMX? I hope that dude keeps it on, he's a great ambassador to BMX... Great man, this phil!

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Didn't want to over-quote the pic, so just to be clear, I'm commenting on those sprockets... They look really sick! (yeah that's all I've got to say). Getting down to business tho, the first thing I thought when I saw them was "eclat+bsd+wtp patrol" ... more »

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Not necessarily, but it would be worth it for a fresh new feel. Your old chain would have bitten into the sprocket and made itself feel at home. Your new chain might not be compatible with the marks left over. I would consider taking a new sprocket, ... more »

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Hi Roger-it's funny to see someone who is close by! How is it in Thailand? I wager that it must be easier to ride than over here in Laos... Welcome to the forum!

Added a comment to thairishguy's bike check 2/16/2017 6:10 AM

Sweet ride mate! Looks really slick with those tires! A bit cluttered with those stickers-but just my opinion tho!

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For some who want to save the planet and go green- no need to use hairspray, WD40, etc. Good old H20 does the job very fine and well. I've been using water to install(and remove) what-four grips already? Only problem is waiting 2-3 days for it to dry ... more »