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Yikes. Nasty crash. I went through one that completely smashed in the rear of my helmet, looped out hard on a big jump, I was out for a few minutes and hazy for an hour after. Wouldn't have been the same without a helmet. Funny thing is that I don't ... more »

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So nice to watch, Chase Hawk's flow is MES ME RI ZING !

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Radio Nemesis
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I get your feeling bro ; I've gone through two double degrees (double major in each) + a course completion certificate for another thing I was interested in, and I see what you mean. It's a hermit life you need to live to understand. Having a family ... more »

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Received my new bike this week ! Got it built

Thanks for the encouragements @47. Will only be able to ride this weekend ; can't wait ; I'm getting laid off work and have other things to take care of in the week :/ Bulletpup, I hope it's still ... more »
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Curious too. Hope all is good with him ; probably took a hiatus from BMX. Might explain why he sold away all his merch. I did the same ; took a pause. Sold my custom-built bike with Steve's custom sprocket. Still regret it to this day.

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That was my first bike. I ran it on a farm for dirt jumps + street. Minimal maintenance, dusty, high humidity conditions. I had a spot of spider-rust under the paint, near the seatube but it wasn't structural. The headtube squeaked but that's because ... more »

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Hullo guys -- more specifically Bulletpup -- I've dug this thread out cauz I'm getting back into BMX again (uurrgghhh) and the Vital Edits held such good memories for me, I had to catch up and look where things went. Previous V5 edit by ReadyBMXer was ... more »

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Titanium Rig.
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I can't agree more with what you've said. I've ridden both coasters and cassettes, but prefer the former. I find that coasters teach better conservation of energy and thus encourages flowly riding. However, I don't consider slower engagement as an argument ... more »

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2018 Fit Aitken (Shown with many upgrades).
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United we stand
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Jamais eu ce pb. La distance devrait etre connue de ceux qui vendent le cadre, ou meme sur les specs. Pour depanner, l'entretoise est seulement pour eviter de trop serrer les roulements. Tu peux faire sans en serrant " un peu mais pas trop ". Sais pas ... more »

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Haha. Had to laugh at your pragmatism. Very true. At the end of the day, it is fucked and it needs to be ridden until destruction.

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These: house of marley Really nice sound for their price, great bass that you can actually hear, and muffles noise pretty well. They're from recycled materials too ^^

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No, I'm implying that: -heat treatment wasn't as big as it is now -if his frame wasn't heat treated, there wouldn't be any problem. I'm not giving heat treatment that much credit. I'm saying that IF his frame WAS heat-treated, THEN welding in the area ... more »

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If it's from 2009, and his frame wasn't heat treated, then yeah, it would work. Maybe it'll last just not as long enough or it won't be as good enough as before. The metal changes structure when you apply heat like that. It could be more brittle than ... more »

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Ride what you have. Don't believe the hype. 8 splines are fine. Ok, the hype is real, but it takes 5 years between products for people like us to feel a difference in handling.

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Not a good idea if the frame is heat-treated.