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Same. My idea since a long time has been to combine MTB-type obstacles/features and BMX bikes. Rather like a downhill/jump trail in the woods, but for BMXes. Which was my philosophy when building trails on my farm, but now that I'm here digging at another ... more »

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Congrats for the 10 years to Dave (and other members who are also on the forum for a long time).

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Black. Everything can be paired with black- it's a "neutral" colour. With splatter tires, it's a hit or miss situation.

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I have been running 2.4 Mainlines for a long time as my front tire, and although I don't have a bad opinion on them, I won't be thinking of getting them a second time. They were by far the most difficult tires I had to install on my rims. My only gripe ... more »

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I always do. It's one of my favourites.

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I don't know how the original tires were made (to get that splatter, I guess that it might come from a few coloured blobs they had in the fabrication process), but theoretically, you wouldn't get much results with painting on tires... It just doesn't

... more »
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As for grips, I recommend the Subrosa Genetic grips. They are basically a copy of ODI longnecks with an inverted rose on it, BUT: they are one of the longest grips on the market (not taking into consideration the monstrous noodle obscenities of course) ... more »

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Wise decision. WTP Completes are the best ones you will find on the market, their unparalleled quality and specs are second to none. Support your local bike shop by opting for the Trust! Build rapport, get to know people and have friendly faces to turn ... more »

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I have the WTP Patrols. They don't rust as they're in stainless steel. Shadow Deadbolt bar ends are lighter and seem to have a bigger diameter- which is good as the Patrols don't protect at all from dirt ingress.

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I would do the second frame, with black rims, white tires, chrome handlebars and forks. Heck, your bike, your ideas. 2012-ish bikes were nice too (solid colour frame, tan wall tires).

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Don't forget the 22 inch options- 20 inchers are a bit too snappy on fast, flowy and high boost dirt jumps. Frames with more slack, lower BBs and longer rear ends (like the Deluxe PA) are equivalent to 22 inchers, without the benefit of more momentum ... more »

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For your height, it is best to go for the top end of the spectrum. 21 is the minimum. I'm also 1 m 90, I'm run a 21.25 TT frame with a 9.5 inch bar, top load stem with 1 cm spacers. You'll be more comfy on a 22 inch- it's gonna be more stable at the ... more »

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Bulletpup nailed it on the head. The most important things to consider are: -flat bottomed shoes -relatively deep/soft under-thread -ankle support (padded mids or highs, no lows) -thick insoles Thin soles that spread your weight out is preferable to ... more »

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I'll second you on this. This is absolute paradise.

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Oh wow, they are getting better and better!

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Hello there- and welcome to the forum. I too am a mountain biker- these little bikes are sure fun, eh?! Are you talking spoked as in skyway tuff wheels (6 big plastic spokes)? If you can post a pic, I'll send you some ice cream. Cheers Skylight.

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Not ghetto, don't worry. You're doing it the good way. Your bike is sick btw- I love that blue. You can be proud of the paint job- first class. However, a day after the first base coat should be sufficient (some situations ask for 2 base coats). Another ... more »

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Nice! I really did consider the Raiders (they are nice bars) but then went with 9.5 inchers instead. I'm keeping my upgrades incremental. For the moment, I'm really happy on my 21.25 and 9.5 set up. How's the back pain? You might need a few weeks on ... more »

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The BMX race track (or a pump track) can help tons also. You negotiate the stuff at any speed you want, and you get a feel- while pumping- for the whole movement allowed on your bike. Also- when it gets too scary, stop. Keep it for another day, another ... more »