Skylight's WeThePeople 1

The WeThePeople Crysis with the camo seat was made to roam in the wild and in the dirt.
The WeThePeople Crysis with the camo seat was made to roam in the wild and in the dirt. Kink Samourai grips : lincensed made by ODI, and in the USA, too. Sticky, and has a feel like the Longneck, but tamer. Great price too but tends to slip a bit when your hand is wet: not a problem for you guys but a bit of a nuisance here in the hot and humid countries. But thats okay: makes me take more frequent pauses :) Dartmoor Fever Pedals: strong, light, and a great feel. Sticks to the feet like glue. I love my bike... Hell, who dosen't?! Check out that fat chain. Rated at 1.5 tons, I hope it will last. S&M Mainline tires at 2.425 width. A bike. And two Rottweilers... Normal. I bet you looked at the bike first. Bar width=Bike length XD
Thumbs up for long bars! Check out that slimy, smooth and sexy back wheel... Dartmoor Flow 9 bars. 12 Degrees backsweep, 2 degree rise... Great feel but might cut it down sometime (it's at 30 inches wide, dayyumm). Unsealed but never had a problem... Look at dat back end... Yet another shot! Am still buiding the berm, not fininshed yet... If I crash I dont want to take my stomah out on those bamboo pikes... Last pic for everyone! Just got those sticks out from the berm. Don't wanna lose my intestines, haha...
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Parts Brand Model Additional info
Frame WeThePeople Crysis Great Geometry.
Fork Salt HQ Burly and dependable.
Handlebars Other Dartmoor Flow 9 9inch tall, 30inch wide, 12 degree backsweep. Really nice feel. Got rid of my slight wrist pain.
Bar ends Kink Flat and stealthy.
Stem Salt 50mm reach.
Grips Kink Samurai ODI-like feel, and for cause (actually subcontracted to ODI for manufacture).
Headset Salt Came dry and creaking like an old door.
Cranks Salt 3 piece chromo
Bottom bracket Other salt plus Smooth as silk on a rainy day.
Spindle WeThePeople
Sprocket Salt Salt PLUS, mind. Strong and shiny.
Chain Shadow Conspiracy Interlock V2 SUPREME So strong I broke my MTB chain tool while installing... I am NOT kidding.
Pedals Other Dartmoor Fever Double concave feel, grips like hell, robust.
Brake levers Salt Cool. Nuff said.
Brakes Salt Yes, salt again.
Brake cables Salt Salt something.
Seat WeThePeople Camouflage, medium size. Looks on the small size with the 2.3 and 2.4 tires...
Front rim Salt Summit Aero Very...seductive front...
Rear rim Salt Summit Straight Wall Broke a nipple, but other than that, this rim is so strong I could use it to kill.
Driver/freewheel Salt
Front hub Salt Salt AM, unsealed, but haven't had any problems whatsoever...Yet...
Rear hub Salt Plus Trapez Freecoaster, as loud as midnight.
Front tire Other S&M Mainline 2.4 width and grips like a bulldog.
Rear tire Kink Kink Lyra 2.3 Kink's answer to the legendary Fit FAF. Better than FAFs for Dirt Jumping.
General Info
Model Year 2014
Additional Info The bike is a complete bike that has been decked out with some new parts for it's one year birthday. Only the frame, rims, bearings and stem stay from the stock model. The bike is so dialed, and with it's free coaster you can expect it to stalk you day and night. Black parts and chrome stand out in the day and in the night (however, I don't ride in the night, I am not a vampire). Some completes are either hits or misses, but this one is a definite hit. Great geometry with a low bottom bracket (that has been placed higher up for the 2015 and maybe the 2016 models) that allows a good jumping feel. Bike that was made for the streets but that is being used as a dirt jumper.
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