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I'm curious why you went with such a tall BB height being pegless. Good looking bicycle though!

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Those pedals look deadly....

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Weld your own.

Started new thread ISO 48 spline spindle & hardware, and crank puller tool 10/17/2019 7:48 AM

Looking for a used and affordable 48 spline spindle with bolts. If you have a crank puller tool that fits those threads, you'd be a life saver too.

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Already checked it. Can't find a 1mm thread pitch. for that diameter. I know, its weird af.

Started new thread Am I too fat to BMX now? Also, Premium 1948 Crank bolts NEEDED 10/16/2019 6:13 PM

Last week I missed the pedals on a tailwhip over a hip and this happened...

I went butt straight to seat and snapped my seat post... haha! I've broken seats before, but this was a first. It was an old Stolen plastic post with a metal ... more »

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Where did BrokenBMX go anyways?

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There is no legitimate widespread hate towards Kink. They are a pretty stand up "core" company in my opinion.

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Does the hang 5 machine help? I though a big part of hang fives was the balancing with the seat?

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Cool edit!

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I honestly haven't tried this - but I bet you are right. I bet if you think about having your body in the position you do for a hop manual, you'll get into the balance point. However, I'd think the hardest part would be stopping your rotation once in ... more »

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you are spotting your landing, and the landing you spot is in front of you, not behind you. Try to look for copeing, and I bet it'd work.

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Practice, practice, practice. Do them everywhere. It isn't a trick you can go out on a mission and "get it on lock" rather, it is something you mess around with for a few years and then find yourself manualing around the entire park

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Way to get after it on that early 2000's tank! Good stuff, keep having fun. Yes, I call that a rock to fakie, or front disaster to fakie. The other is just called a ghost feeble stall.

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Looks fun! If I had the time to ride one, I'd get one. But I hardly have enough time to ride me 20" and I can't justify dropping a few g's on a bike I won't be able to ride much.

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Did you see this thread made 6 days ago on the subject? It has good information for ya.,2/So-far-my-favorite-all-around,1323275

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I've ridden Demolition Momentums for a long time now. What I like about them: -Soft rubber = good grip on concrete and wood, and nice and squeeky when new. -Really Light weight for non-folding (19 oz) -Have thick enough rubber on sides to prevent rip ... more »

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Can someone explain what happened to Dans Comp? I remember they were legit between up until 2013 (maybe longer but I went MIA from BMX). Now their site looks like junk, and they are getting bought by an RC company? Can someone fill in what happened in ... more »

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Looks good, and sounds like fun plans! Is it in a basement? How difficult is it to move bikes out to where they can be ridden outside?

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I am of the opinion that the left vs. right foot forward has everything to do with where your feet where when you very first started learning to ride. With this mindset I "forced" my little sister to be left foot forward when I taught her, mwuahahaha! ... more »