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If there were trees on Mars I would be hyped

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I am a composites design engineer in the aerospace industry. The only issue I have with the use of carbon fiber in MTB and BMX stuff is that the amount of quality control in the sports industry is so much lower than I am used to. Unlike extruded aluminum, ... more »

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He is arguably one of the best there is! He got robbed in the 2019 Xgames. 2021 xgames street gold for Matt Ray, you heard it here first.

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As soon as he is sponsored by onsomeshit it will be.

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Has RNC said anything to you yet about the defect?

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In the next year or two you will grow a lot, and soon enough you'll be throwing that thing around! Keep at it.

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This mid-sized odyssey gear pivitol seat. Had it for about 3 years. It is really grippy, which is nice for tricks where pinching with calves is helpful. I missed pedals on a high tailwhip and snapped the seat post yet the seat was in tact, and somehow

... more »
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Do a feeble. -said no one ever.

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It has all been said. Great advice from all. Now go out and do 'em!

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This. put cinderblocks under each leg of your bedframe for extra height.

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Those are some robust eyebrows. I respect that.

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Mirra was my idol growing up. Played Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 on the daily. Saw him at x-trials near the Oceanside pier when I was like 8 years old. He made BMX look rad, and was always a professional. He brought BMX into the limelight and had a Tony ... more »

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Style for miles

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Odyssey/demolition for parts. Kink has the best team, but never owned anything Kink so can't comment on that. I am riding a BSD frame but wouldn't say I love the company, the frame is fine though. Not a big brand fanboy I guess.

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Nice job Spinner. Well done.

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That is a great story

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I am a "boring" investor. I dollar cost average my ROTH IRA, 401k, and HSA accounts as much as my budget will allow. I have a few hundred bucks in Robinhood I play with, but don't really consider it investing, rather play money.

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As the previous to comments said... he is very "sendy" but definitely not the most talented bike rider. Probably half the forum could beat him in a game of bike, but no one would touch the spots he does. And to those who have questioned the thread... ... more »

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This is a really fun idea. I've thought it would be fun to have a brake bike to screw around on. Also, the T1 TT graphic is the best graphic in all of BMX.