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Weight weanie.

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Source is cool. BMX is cool. Peace & love!

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Such a sad story. Best wishes on his recovery and hopefully he can adjust well.

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Very cool. Good on you! Are you planning on using a bladder to apply pressure during cure? Pre-preg composite weave? In that contour plot I can't tell what is being shown... But for many composites, it makes the most sense to use a strain based failure ... more »

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Merry Christmas Flip!

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Ask them for their pager number to break the ice. Then, you can say "hey do I know you from vital?"

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The "bottom text" really hits hard

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You know those handplant drops that Mills (and now Matty Cranmer do)? I think it'd be relatively doable to do a handplant drop 180 bar. Matty usually does them to fakie anyway, he just needs to throw the bars with the one hand right as the drop hand ... more »

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"JOIN LEVEL UP" apparently facebook has a twitch competitor? "21 tattoo pics that show a bit too much" lol these adds are memes.

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Recently built a kicker ramp for my daughter and the neighborhood kids. After the first day of seeing kids land in nose manuals without helmets, I think next time I bring it out I'm going to require helmets. I don't want to clean a 9 year olds brains ... more »

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I have a DVD copy if you want to buy it.

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I got excited at first seeing CRF made a post. I thought he was back!

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Yeah, I bought the Nathan Williams one and it was dope. Well worth the money. I think I payed like 10-20$ for that one for about a 15 - 16 min vid, so 3$ is a steal

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GT Wise

Sick! Rob Wise FTW!

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My bike check 2021

Did you model this instead of taking a picture?

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Shiny Steed

I dig it! One of the few times I think camo tires have worked.

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I hate those tires but the whole scheme is really well-executed. Lilac and chrome is a sweet combo, and I love how black has been reduced to an accent.

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Yeah that kind of annoyed me that there were those two weirdos always RIGHT in the middle of the action just yelling at people and pushing the riders. Like, WTF? It's like they took the most annoying guys from a concert and put them exactly where you ... more »

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End thread. The comments from pnj and Dave Lawrence are spot on. Its a good bike, just needs servicing like any other mechanical component.