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Actually, I don't think 90s riders counts as old school yet :/

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I'm pretty sure proper old school riders still bring a boom box to the park and blast the fresh prince and jazzy j, run dmc or de la soul on repeat

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Motionless in White did a great Christmas song xD

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2013 Amity Zenta2 Bike

Almost perfect


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They seem too good to be that cheap, I've never really used anything by counterfeit but every part I've ever had by Alienation has been absolutely perfect

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They're something I'd have for myself, but too expensive to buy as a resale item. Plus shipping puts the price up a little more. #ForeverWaitingForAWinStanleysSale

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They're almost perfect, but shipping them from the US means I end up paying the same as I would for a cheap Odyssey crankset from my local store. But I will keep looking for a UK seller, Thanks =^,^=

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I buy and sell BMXs quite a bit but often need to replace cranks because they are damaged or are just plain crappy. I'm looking for cheap crank sets for £30/$45ish or less that don't add too much weight to bikes that usually weigh between 11 and 13 kg ... more »

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I had Exposure Hurricane cranks on my previous BMX, they need a greasing a little more often than a more expensive crank but for £40 they are much cheaper than odyssey counter parts. They're not as light and they're not as strong but when you are working ... more »

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Legally you have to have 1 working brake (don't quote me on it, I'm not a lawyer :p) so they don't recommend it but I don't think the law is enforced. I've been overtaken - and overtaken myself, thanks long downhills - by police cars and they sort of ... more »