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Just got a new computer that has some major processing power and a nice graphics card. I have a nice little Cannon I got for about $400 a while back. My old computer couldn't even run HD video stuff with less than 1GB of RAM, a whopping 500 MHz CPU, ... more »

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The only crazier gap to rail I have seen was Dave Thompson's giant gap to feeble on that handrail in Killjoy

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Matt's place was so sick! I'm going to miss it. Quick question about tailwhips. I can get the full rotation and get my front foot on, but my back foot always lands on the seat. How can I fix that?

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What is your favorite place to ride? Have you ever rode at Beringer's backyard? If so, how do you feel about him selling the place? What is your favorite trick?

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I'm on trip to record and i destroyed my tire on the first day! I need to find a bike shop. I am in Sacramento right now but i'm going to San Francisco in a few hours. I'm from Utah so I really don't want to drive back already! Please let me know about ... more »

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Lean over your bike more and get more of a whip and you should be able to turn more without hitting your shin. You know you are over clicked when you get burns from your tire on the back of your arm.

You can see that this is hella clicked and ... more »
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Nollie 3's, 180 tuck no hander, and turndown airs are my favorite tricks. I am learning no handed 3's, downside footjam tailwhips, 540's, no handed 270's, 180 bars, tire slides, and barspin airs

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Someone help me out with 180 bars. I can bar just fine like over hips, flyout, and bunnyhop. I am left foot forward, I spin right, and I throw my bars right. (yes, I know that's oppo) Will it be weird throwing an oppo bar in a normal spin?

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Fit Benny Frame
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I was just wondering other people's opinions because maybe someone else has and idea that would look better

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What would be a good color scheme? I was thinking white and blue

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Who's heading down? I am going to head down there with the one and only, Matt Beringer! Well my other friend is going too, but he isn't as cool as Matt Beringer. Matt and I have a bet, first one to front flip or double bar gets $5 (Matt broke his knee ... more »

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All black with perma blue cranks, rims, stem, and grips! That would look so sick!

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S&M Sniper 20.4 TT 75 HT angle Integrated headtube drilled for gyro tabs Removable U-brake mounts on TT and SS CS: 13.125-13.4 70.5 ST angle 8" ST Integrated seat clamp Integrated chain tensioners

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Anyone around Clearfield/Syracuse area?

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If you are trying them flyout, kick your back tire out about 90 degrees before you turn. If you are LEFT FOOT FORWARD, kick the back end 90 degrees to the RIGHT.

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Odyssey Chase Hawks or Fit FAFs

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I have been wanting to put brakes on my bike for a while, but I don't know if I should run a single brake cable or a gyro. What do you guys think? I can barspin and I can almost whip, but not quite. I'm thinking gyro because I do oppo bars rather than ... more »

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Verde Cartel Kiraly Bars