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Well i have a stolen stereo 2011 and i have it since last year so now i search a new bike for like 500-700 $ with 20.5" toptube and enough light like 24 lb or more. And 100% chromoly haha

So before my stolen break, i want to sell it and buy ... more ยป
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So the verde theory is not a good bike?

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Hi i wanna know if the the verde theory 2012 is a good bike for a second bike even if the frame isn't 100% chromoly. And for about 500$ (on danscomp) is that a great value if no which bike is recommended? Thx.

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Hi, i search a new bmx and a have some choices. -Verde Theory 2012 or 2013 -Wethepeople Trust 2012 -Subrosa Arum 2013 -Fly Bikes Neutron 2012 And I wanna know if the Verde Theory is a solid bike. thanks

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Hi i search a solid and easy-to-ride bmx for like 500-650 $ I search bikes for WeThePeople, Kink, Fit and haro thanks

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Hi, i search a good and strong fork and not so so expensive for my bmx cuz mine has snapped. I want a fork that it cost like 100$ approximately. I've seen Odyssey Cs2 race fork and Fit Shiv II so say me if it is good. Thanks You

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