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I'm really not sure why so many people don't like Deharts. I love mine, I've been riding them for brakeless street non stop for over a year. I've had 2 flats, and they were my fault. They're easy to take off and put on, they're the right gripiness for ... more »

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I'm pretty sure Nike said it was a trip for their European team +American guest, Chad Kerley

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I'd love to get in on the next round of these, and I'm actually able to follow up once I join

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well I like it more than how the solid black would look

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Hey guys, just a quick question I have an Animal PYN rear guard right now and I'm looking at getting a new wheelset. Would the PYN fit a BSD Female Axle Street hub? I don't want to spend $25 on the BSD guard only to find out that the PYN would work just ... more »

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more pictures?

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Hey guys, just wanted to get some feedback on what you think. I'm fourteen, I ride all the time but because of knee injuries I've been working behind the camera a bit lately I'm using my dad's D7000 and a tripod, and just really basic editing software

... more »

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So far we've had no problems with it, that base is wider than it looks and it's built like a tank How is it getting speed on the dirt? we were thinking of moving everything to the side of my house, but it's all dirt and we're worried it'll be slooow ... more »

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I've been slowly starting to build boxes and rails that I can pull onto my street, and I thought you might want to see my latest project. It's a PVC rail that can be quad-pegged or just hit from the side. Finished it tonight in just under 3 hours.

... more »

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Napolean Bonaparte Sponsor: Colony Sig. Frame: The Dynamite Homer (the poet) Sponsor: Odyssey Sig Frame: The Iliad The Wright Brothers Sponsor: Flybikes Sig. Frame: The Takeoff

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Mutiny all day

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new seat post, fresh pedals and a PYN since the last update Looking into new hubs too ... more »
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isn't there an old philosophy question about this? with like rebuilding boats and new wood in the boats and all that?

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I'm riding the Loosefer (exact same geo as the Rune) and it's incredible anyone who tries it out loves it right away and it's strong

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-I don't mind long rides to get to a good spot, but if you're coming with me be prepared to haul ass -fuck footed -my manuels are my go to -brakeless -gotta keep my bike clean,dry and dialed in -I love my bike to death, never leave it alone -6mm allen ... more »

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Breaking parts while going from place to place but mostly the rain. Where I live the rain can start at any time completely unexpectedly. I hate getting my bike wet, and biking home in the rain is the worst

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I'm thinking of building a small street style plaza in my open lot off the side of my house. It is of medium size, but is covered in grass. My father has given my friends and I permission to build ramps and ledges and such. We're worried the grass will ... more »

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What I find helps a lot is to bend my knees a bit before I hop, almost as a way to generate more potential energy. Think of it like pushing a spring down first, and then releasing it. Also practice hopping up a 1 or 2 set of stairs, it will force you ... more »

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I've got an odyssey, I'm not a big fan of it. It started out great but the bearings are starting to slow. It's not a problem yet, but when spinning my bars for shits and gigs I can tell that they're not great anymore. Sounds like no one else has had ... more »

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I feel your pain, its starting to get really cold in Toronto