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Has run a single part the longest? To set the bar here, I have had the same set of Profile GHD 19mm cranks since 2010 on all my different setups over the years. They are siezed on one side and have formed themselves into 2.5 piece cranks. Eventually ... more »

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This is the wrong section for selling things mate. Try the buy/sell section. Also, a 2020 Blueprint is like $320 or something. $240 for a beat, stickered up old model. Well, you won't find someone naive enough to buy that beast here. Try either vastly ... more »

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Pegs tear shit up. My friend used to double peg a brick ledge everyday that had pretty big gaps between each brick. It's now smooth from his pegs over the years. A skateboard imo that would be damn near impossible

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I've been riding (more or less) 10 years and I fuckin suck man. I never cared too much about learning tricks, just getting out there and shredding some street. Never really spent a lot of time at spots, just like ripping around. I can do all the basics, ... more »

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I agree on it not being worth. I wish they did like..a season pass, one day every 2 weeks. 26 sessions. A weekend, I would barely get to enjoy all of the fun. I went as a kid for a week, and had a friend who worked there. He would occasionally give us ... more »

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Half links have always stretched for me too much. KMC Kool is meta

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I am living on an island and only downhill mtb nowadays. Kind of retired the 20", at least for now. It's several hundred miles away. Also, I highly doubt I could do it anymore, I just googled my neighbors trash can we used to use for measurements lmao. ... more »

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Meh, I can hop over a full size garbage can. Maybe not 4 1/2. but yeah, probably about 4 feet haha. Not sure exactly how big they are. I've been riding about 10 years and it's basically all I've got to show for it. Gotta have somethin'.. can't barspin, ... more »

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Go to new places maybe?

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Short top tube? You want a 21", I am 6'2" and ride a 20.75 fine though.

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Yup. Remember buying bmx DVD's back in the day. I doubt those sell for shit now. But soft goods etc sell better than ever because of all the media options companies can use. Advertising is easier than ever, but the classic DVD edits seem dead. Last DVD ... more »

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I suck at park always, but street.. so fun. Love setting up crap I find around and getting creative with it. Never had good parks around, I can barely properly air coping on big quarters but I can hop about 4 1/2 feet high. All depends on what you're ... more »

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Meh, for $750. a modern complete has on par if not better parts in most scenarios imo.

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It's badass but moreso a collector piece than an entry to the sport bike. That being said.....Low ball. $750 is absurd, I'd do like 400-450 tops

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You want a 20.75 - 21" toptube, the little one.. should be fine on an 18" until he's about 11, maybe 10. 4'5" is relatively tall for an 8 yr old! The mongoose l100 is not too shabby.

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You want a 20" and like 20.25 - 20.5 toptube. 20.5 is a bit bigger for you but they're much more available and it'd work. You want sealed hubs and full chromoly fork/frame. look to spend $400-500 for that. or grab a mongoose legion l300 or whatever, ... more »

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Manuals, chipped my tailbone on one a few years back now I'm too quick to jump off

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Practice more... and more. Learn how to scoop the back end up... with practice. The .5 extra length is nothing. I can hop 1990's mountain bikes over logs and shit. Watch some vids to understand the technique, then get good. Bmx progression is repetition. ... more »

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