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Bmx_is_rad was the king of the post count, spammed forums with porn. never saw the lad again

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vital 4 life yo i still ride, mainly skate though. not as much an 'enthusiast' i guess anymore, more so just a do-er. still lurk on the regular haha. the forums aren't quite as active as the surge when i joined of people flooding in. still notice new ... more »

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lesgoo 20.75+ top tube preferably mid end parts

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do ya 150 on the frame anytime

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yoo hit me up i want these 8one4 59two 3740

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ODI Longneck XL or Flatware Cufflink So cookie cutter.. but ODI's really are the grips of all grips. So boring but it's just the way she goes. I used to like Odyssey Chase Hawks, but they wear in the same manner you're saying with the 'gum' feel.

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What you guys walking around with? For example, in October I was bombing a hill and my fucking front hub bearings blew and my wheel locked. I instantly come flying off the bike and I chunked my ball on my hand a couple inches in. It's still real bad ... more »

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Hahahah I was rollin around with my wrists setting on my grips lounged back on my seat pedaling around effortlessly, next thing I know I'm over my bars on the ground. Damn obstacles of the night, always a bikers worst enemy

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condition yourself make sure your body is ready for this shit cause bmx is takes a toll physically cant be using a half conditioned vessel gotta be ready to take a beating my friend, you're an athlete live ilike it ya feel

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Hey man I was doing a bunny hop and pulled something wrong 20 minutes into a day sesh at a beautiful skatepark, ended up not even being able to walk the next morning. Had a severe back spasm you could visually see on my back. I was bed ridden for weeks, ... more »

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If you have absolutely no geometry preference, get something pretty similar to your current. I remember having an FBM with a long ass back end, and super high BB. I switched to the S&M BTM and it felt like it wasn't even a bike. Geometry is what ... more »

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Seems kinda stupid man but I really wanna see some studded tiogas

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11.8 bb 21" tt 75 degree HT 9" bars 48-50mm stem reach topload no pegs long bars and grips plastic pedals light wheels and tires preferably but i also like tank parts profile cranks only and spline drive too

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yup, most kids buy a bike, only ride to learn 180s, shitty fakies, and other simple tricks then lose interest. learn to have fun on your bike above everything! i had a friend with a huffy back in the day who was outriding me, because he rode.

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years and my frame is from 2006 so yes i did lol. i replaced everthing with heavy shit

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tbh just ride the more you ride the more bike control you'll gain and the bike control will convert into learning tricks super easily, if that makes sense. just ride and do something maybe and inch or 2 extra cool everytime the key to success is consistency ... more »

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this was on here in 2012, i remember signing the petition haha. cant believe theyre still trying

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i agree but my bike is more trails than urs

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This this this sometimes shops will really push their bs on you. I had one shop that I used to chill in for whatever reason super fanboy about Primo rims then I continued chilling their and found out it was cause he had a plug for cheap primo rims lmao ... more »