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Reply to fc wobble 2/3/2021 8:11 AM

just change the bearing duh

Reply to Secret Barspin Method 2/3/2021 8:09 AM

say i got it and pretend to be lewis mills

Reply to Tips for getting a clutch 2 to spin 9/22/2020 7:56 AM

white lithium grease

Reply to Primo balance hubs breaking 9/19/2020 7:18 AM

Ive had the primo balance front hub and balance cassette hub for more than a year and i ride heavy street shit, i guess thats y there cheaper than all the other hubs tho but imo they are just as good as the remix and n4fl front hub, but i keep my parts ... more »

Reply to Frame History 9/11/2020 10:05 AM

kink solace 2 20" united mothership v4 20.5" fiend varanyak v1 20.5 " fiend morrow v3 20.75"

Reply to Introduce Yourself 9/11/2020 10:00 AM

im jani love street love hoes love kush 4 plastics, guard sproket, cassette,160mm cranks, 22mm fork is how i like it rn i love gturns my ig is lilgturn

Reply to Broke Primo Balance Freecoaster on 3rd day 9/11/2020 9:56 AM

the clutch in it looks similar but the axle is way different

Reply to 25mm vs 15mm fork offset 9/11/2020 8:15 AM

i think anything under 20mm is a bit extreme, i run 22mm and half cab nosies feel fucking great.

Reply to Broke Primo Balance Freecoaster on 3rd day 9/11/2020 8:09 AM

get fiend cab v2 instead, its same internals but its 14mm male axle

Reply to Cassette hubs 10/2/2016 3:16 PM

I hated the non stop hub. The pawls broke in like 2 months and its the worst hub to ride if you like fakie tricks like me. there is absolutely NO slack.