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I have two ideas that i'd like to share with you today. 1. So I've been considering the possibility of this, and it seems to me like it'd be a good idea, only problem would be that there would be more threads from the same users instead of just a single ... more »

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Yeah thats what i was thinking. I want to see if chuck would be willing to test this out for me. Seeing as he's the only person I know of with a 22" bike.

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I can contribute double peg grinds and shitty 180s that are basically 90s.

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Odyssey hazard v3 laced to a gsport ribcage 9t driver, 48hole. Black perfect tens Hoffman chromoly pegs Subrosa icon seat Cult dehart 2.25 tires and last but not least a 4.4mm thick tube for my front tire because I randomly went on a flat tire streak ... more »

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I didn't read what he said correctly. I texted him, cool dude. hes shipping me some s&m pitchforks in chrome.

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I have a 20" bike, kind of wondering if its possible to swap my 20"frame for a 22" frame, but keep my 20"wheels/fork and have it not feel ridiculously stupid. Like would it be too weird to have a 22" frame and everything else be 20" or?

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How much do you want for that.

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Not really interested in buying from guys that arent Known on here. Sorry man, no offense, just want to avoid scam.

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Ecuadevil, if i had more money, id take that offer in a heartbeat.

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Have groups and sub groups. Like tricks for beginners and then more pro groups. Tricks involving pegs/no pegged tricks. Make a youtube channel with a bunch of how tos, and link them in the tricks description.

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CRANKS UNDER $60. Let me know what youve got, if nobody is selling cranks that cheap, im buying some eastern tribe cranks. So either post some cranks youd like to sell, or give me your opinion on them.

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I know this isnt what youre asking for, but i run two pegs up front and one on the back, just so while im at the park, i can put my feet up.three pegs is the best.

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Yeah on dans its 2.4 ounces. On vital its 2 pounds 4 ounces. Somebody fucked up. But yeah, the whole minus one idea is cool, but id rather do what ohioan said, take a tree sprocket or something higher end than a kink, and just grind a tooth off.

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ANYBODY WANT A 2pound sprocket?!,11/Kink/Minus-One,7001 Seriously though, what do you guys think about this thing. It looks cool.

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Yeah text me man, I can send the money tonight.

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Dammit lol. I only have $60 and I want that sunday stem. The struggle. Well text me, im still choosing betweek these or powerbites, the 48spline is kinda winning me over though. 414 617 3945

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What if I gave you $50 for both, then sent you my stem. I've got a subrosa hold tight tl stem polished. brand new. It's got shadow hollow stem bolts instead of the original bolts.

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Its brand new. I don't want to have to stop running it. So how the hell can I fix it.

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Don't use threaded pegs for grinding. It'll destroy your axle.

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Could you actually sell me the cranks and the sunday stem for $60. That's all I have, and I really want a front load.