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If I have a profile titanium male 14mm axle can I do light peg use with it

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The pool thing sounds like a great idea but by time it'll get to that point it'll be getting chilly out and the pools might all be closed or getting pretty close to closed

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I got extremely lucky and got a clean break with no torn or damaged ligaments or anything so hopefully that'll help it heal up a little faster since the ligaments won't need to heal up as well

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That was around what I was expecting... It makes it worse that I just bought a zcoaster and I got hurt before I could lace it up and try it

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And I actually caught it on video happening

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I recently broke my ankle about 2 weeks ago trying a 180 tailwhip and I had to get surgery on my right ankle to get 2 screws in... I was wondering if anyone had a any similar injuries and how long it took you to get back to riding again because the doctors

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If anyone has shadow killers do they hurt your ankles like some cranks when you hit the bolt or does the flush bolt make it feel better

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Which ones feel better / stiffer and which ones are overall better cranks

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Is it used or all. New?

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Does anyone have a shadow ignite stem for sale I don't care if it's the Odin or treymone preferably the treymone but either will do I will trade more than what it's worth I just want one to match my rims

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If anyone has a shadow treymone stem or even an Odin stem in ignite can you please hit me up I will trade for more than it's worth

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Okay so this is kinda a question I was just curious about... If anyone has any of those hubs when you do a crankflip does it even spin and if so does the sound cutout like halfway through the crankflip.. If you have one can you record a video of you ... more »

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So I know fit indent 24mm cranks are good but what about the 48 spline 19mm 3pc version of the cranks are they any good

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More than enough

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They are sending me a warranty one and they were asking what I did too?? but they said they belive I'm the first person to crack it in that spot.. They were really cool and are shipping the new one today

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Well I cracked my subrosa matt ray frame I have had for 6 months

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I have oddysey aitken 2.45 and they are great but I grind alot and I put a big rip. In the sidewall

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I want some opinions on these as I was looking it seems like most threads on these tires were made a while ago and want some. Opinions on them would they work at all for dirt as I rode Stevie Churchill primo tires in dirt would these be worse or better ... more »

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