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Well when you think about it, there is a lot more put into this rail than a normal BMX frame. There's more material, more components, and it takes more abuse. -Over 10 feet of thick gauge steel -Thick gauge connector tube, that also provides extra strength ... more »

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Interesting to see this thread guys. This is basically the reason we wanted to create the Subrosa Street Rail. While it is totally possible to build a rail yourself, it is a bit difficult to do without the help of the durable materials and a welder. ... more »

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Lahsaan Kobza's welcome to the Subrosa pro team edit.

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Subrosa Brand's Subrosa
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Subrosa Brand

Front rim is a Shadow Conspiracy Stun rim.

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This was a photoshoot for our first 2 page spread in Ride U.S., and also for the back cover of Ride U.K. Smee launched all of our 2010 Complete Bikes like it was nothing. Photo was shot by Chip Riggs, Video by Rickey Bates.

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