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Haha i have, but i will say if you dont want to "steal" any wood you can go to the construction site ask for the foreman or project suprivisor and ask if theres any extra materials they wouldnt mind giving to you. If the guys a dick just ask one of the ... more »

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My suggestion isnt exactly legal but best for the price... Go around to construction sites and take plywood thats just lying around. Obviously go when they arnt working

Reply to Told I was "too big" 8/6/2016 8:44 PM

If youre having fun then who gives a fuck what people say.

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Just practice!!! Ride every chance you get and eventually you will figure it out. A few tips go a little faster than you think you need to go and just commit. Turn your head and your body will follow.

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From what i gather from the instagram comments is sharkmartin/jeff martin who is an og and respected by most including A22 got upset with A22. Not sure why but he decided to call out adam on a post saying adams ruining bmx and exploiting the riders that ... more »

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how much for the cranks? are they in good condition?

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Fersure thanks for the info

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Sorry bud some of us have to pay bills and put our families well being before buying awesome bike parts...

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Thanks for the info... Im just gettin back into riding after taking 3 years off and just want to build up a bike to mess around on, not really planning on doin any crazy drops gaps or stair sets but maybe ill look around some more and see what i can ... more »

New thread Who has these parts? 12/10/2013 11:26 AM

Kink foundation forks Kink wolf bars Subrosa hold tight stem Anyone have any bad expierences or info on these parts? Theyre all on sale at dans and i was thinkin bout gettin them... Your responses are much aporeciated

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Yo that was dope... You live in corona?

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Dude was probably just doin some drugs and got paranoid when he saw you and just chased you so you didnt see what he was doin... Then stink eyed you cause you killed his awesome meth high

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Steroids dont give you talent... And if you watch stevies stuff from when he was really young its obvious he was born with a natural ability to ride a bike.

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I wonna see a crook down a kinked rail to hop over tooth down the second half of the rail

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You most likely wont be able to tell between 21" and 21.1"

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Youre not an idiot for having an opinion but when you say that someone is sloppy that is praised for his smooth techy style.. That makes you an idiot.

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You are an idiot!!! Chase is a very smooth rider everything he does looks flawless.

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Just do both!