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My Haro
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I think the best way to describe the way I feel about it is to say that there’s a spot at the table for everyone who wants to eat. We aren’t all the same height/weight, and we don’t all define the word “riding” the same. For some guys, a 20” bike is ... more »

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Had one stolen when I was a kid. These days, I keep my bike inside of my house, where I spend most of my time as I am retired. Between myself, and my family, there is almost always someone home and awake. We have security cameras, good locks, a monitored ... more »

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Could be worse OP. You’re just looking for a newer bike. I need a new body. Lol. I rode in the 80’s-early 90’s, and just got back into it after waiting enough years that I am physically unable to do much more than simply ride. On the bright side, my ... more »

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I’m in the same boat. Grew up riding BMX but gave it up when I started driving. A few months ago, my son got into it, and searching for his bike brought back memories. I ended up buying a bike for each of us, and that is all she wrote.

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I’m too old and out of touch with what is popular to be able to offer a lot, but since this is a forum... I will give what little input I have anyway. When I was a kid, I rode Haro. It was (at least among my circle of friends), the top of the food chain ... more »

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I dunno guys. This is an advertisement for a marketing forecast report compiled by a marketing research firm on Wall Street that does similar research for many different types of businesses. The rent ain’t cheap on Wall Street, and neither are the salaries ... more »

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I switched my bars with no problem. Didn’t have to completely take it apart... just loosened it enough to swap them out.

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Yeah. It just sucks because I am on strong immune system suppressing medications due to severe rheumatoid arthritis, so I basically have no immune system. This crap also happened to hit me while I was in the middle of a bad arthritis flare up, and having ... more »

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Nice bike man! Hope you enjoy it. I’ve been down with what I can only assume to be the COVID (sore throat/headache/cough/chest congestion/severe body aches, and not getting better with antibiotics which I just happened to already be taking for an infected ... more »

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So, as the guy who had previously mentioned that my nearest bike shop only had 3 complete bikes (none BMX by the way) in stock when I went there to shop. I agree that it is a good thing to support local businesses. There are however, limitations to that ... more »

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My Haro

Thanks for the kind words. It’s a part of my midlife crisis/getting back to my youth stage of life. I miss those days.

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Nicely done takes me back to the time when things were a bit more simple well done my friend

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I agree. Comfort is the factor that should be given the most consideration with how you look falling somewhere between “doesn’t matter”, and “who gives a shit”. The same goes for safety equipment. Nobody ever argued that helmets and pads make a guy look ... more »

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Only one.

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I’d say you chose wisely. That bike looks pretty awesome and the specs are top shelf. Good choice on the color too.

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I was never a Redline guy, but that throwback does look cool, and the brand has a lot of history behind it. I really like that pink colored frame (radberry, I guess they call it). It is surprising that they’d opt to make them in such limited numbers ... more »

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Niiice dude! I’m diggin the dice on the valve stems. So glad to see somebody else appreciating this bike. O.G. Cool factor is sky high!

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