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Reply to Is there a future for 22 Inch? 11/28/2020 7:09 AM

I think the best way to describe the way I feel about it is to say that there’s a spot at the table for everyone who wants to eat. We aren’t all the same height/weight, and we don’t all define the word “riding” the same. For some guys, a 20” bike is ... more »

Reply to Have you ever had your bike stolen? What happened ?! 11/25/2020 5:39 PM

Had one stolen when I was a kid. These days, I keep my bike inside of my house, where I spend most of my time as I am retired. Between myself, and my family, there is almost always someone home and awake. We have security cameras, good locks, a monitored ... more »

Reply to Bought a new bmx bike and I hate it. Need advice. 11/17/2020 6:45 PM

Could be worse OP. You’re just looking for a newer bike. I need a new body. Lol. I rode in the 80’s-early 90’s, and just got back into it after waiting enough years that I am physically unable to do much more than simply ride. On the bright side, my ... more »

Reply to Old Beginner 11/14/2020 1:49 PM

I’m in the same boat. Grew up riding BMX but gave it up when I started driving. A few months ago, my son got into it, and searching for his bike brought back memories. I ended up buying a bike for each of us, and that is all she wrote.

Reply to What BMX brands should be avoided? 11/10/2020 7:32 PM

I’m too old and out of touch with what is popular to be able to offer a lot, but since this is a forum... I will give what little input I have anyway. When I was a kid, I rode Haro. It was (at least among my circle of friends), the top of the food chain ... more »

Reply to I came across this and it's weird as hell: >>"BMX Bikes Market Demand (2020-2027)"<< 11/9/2020 12:26 PM

I dunno guys. This is an advertisement for a marketing forecast report compiled by a marketing research firm on Wall Street that does similar research for many different types of businesses. The rent ain’t cheap on Wall Street, and neither are the salaries ... more »

Reply to Got my 2021 Haro Freestyler DMC Legend 24 11/7/2020 4:31 PM

I switched my bars with no problem. Didn’t have to completely take it apart... just loosened it enough to swap them out.

Reply to Got my 2021 Haro Freestyler DMC Legend 24 11/5/2020 10:52 PM

Yeah. It just sucks because I am on strong immune system suppressing medications due to severe rheumatoid arthritis, so I basically have no immune system. This crap also happened to hit me while I was in the middle of a bad arthritis flare up, and having ... more »

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Reply to Got my 2021 Haro Freestyler DMC Legend 24 11/4/2020 5:50 PM

Nice bike man! Hope you enjoy it. I’ve been down with what I can only assume to be the COVID (sore throat/headache/cough/chest congestion/severe body aches, and not getting better with antibiotics which I just happened to already be taking for an infected ... more »

Reply to Rant thread 11/4/2020 3:27 PM

So, as the guy who had previously mentioned that my nearest bike shop only had 3 complete bikes (none BMX by the way) in stock when I went there to shop. I agree that it is a good thing to support local businesses. There are however, limitations to that ... more »

Reply to To tall for my bike? 11/1/2020 3:58 PM

I agree. Comfort is the factor that should be given the most consideration with how you look falling somewhere between “doesn’t matter”, and “who gives a shit”. The same goes for safety equipment. Nobody ever argued that helmets and pads make a guy look ... more »

Reply to How many bikes do you own. 11/1/2020 3:07 PM

Only one.

Reply to New Bike 11/1/2020 12:11 AM

I’d say you chose wisely. That bike looks pretty awesome and the specs are top shelf. Good choice on the color too.

Reply to Got my 2021 Haro Freestyler DMC Legend 24 11/1/2020 12:02 AM

I was never a Redline guy, but that throwback does look cool, and the brand has a lot of history behind it. I really like that pink colored frame (radberry, I guess they call it). It is surprising that they’d opt to make them in such limited numbers ... more »

Reply to Got my 2021 Haro Freestyler DMC Legend 24 10/31/2020 2:07 PM

Niiice dude! I’m diggin the dice on the valve stems. So glad to see somebody else appreciating this bike. O.G. Cool factor is sky high!

Reply to Help with a 29er pick 10/30/2020 12:12 PM

That bike looks cool as hell. If for some reason the OP is still on the fence, or decides to check back in, my vote goes to the Sunday, although I’m not sure that I’d go for a 29” bike to begin with if I were looking for a big BMX experience. At 6’02” ... more »

Reply to My VIP Rewards 10/29/2020 2:51 PM

While I agree with the concept, I simply don’t have a local bike shop. There is no way that I’m going to drive an hour each way, into the hood, where traffic sucks and practically nobody has insurance, just so that I can pay more for the same product ... more »

Reply to My VIP Rewards 10/29/2020 1:17 PM

Yeah. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a local bike shop. The closest one to me is a half hour away and when I went in there a couple months ago looking for a bike they had a couple dozen bikes in the store but only three of them were for sale as the ... more »

Reply to My VIP Rewards 10/29/2020 11:17 AM

I spent just a hair over $600.00 at DansComp in September, 2020 and talked to their customer service people about their VIP rewards points. My points are available for me to spend whenever I am ready although they don’t amount to much when you really ... more »