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Sometimes you really gotta tighten it. Like don't ham-fist it but you can tighten it. Or come to Beverly skatepark and I'll do it for ya lol, I'm a town over from you.

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Ya it's a Gen 1 looking at dropouts. Thing is so sick

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I sure hope so, I wanna see Powerbites forever. Even thought I don't run them anymore.

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Those rims have been around for as long as Hazard Lites, or maybe even more. I had one. They're definitely good.

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"Nothing like creating, it's a manly thing, some don't understand." OK.

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They made all the difference. This bike feels like butter and it's the lightest feeling bike I ever owned.

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Repainted the frame, relaced the front wheel to a matching rim and spokes cuz someone wanted my black Hazard rims. This thing rides good

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The 7K is light as shit...I've no issues with mine.

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Thanks dude!

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Have been shaving a lot of weight down from this. RNC stuff replacing a Viking clamp and solid Primo sprocket. Profile 177s. K710 hollow link and pin chain. GLH tires replaced with folding Trackmarks.

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A quarter crank slack is a lot. Idk if you can get any more than that. One thing I got used to doing when I first got a freecoaster is cranking at something then half a crank more then backpedal to where your neutral foot stance is. I rarely ever engage ... more »

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Yeah this isnt quite crackhead pricing but it's definitely asking way too much. It's MAYBE a $500 bike complete. Also that's a Subrosa headset.

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Dual cert helmets are best.

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Man I've been wearing skinny jeans for such a long time Now its the summer and I'm riding cutoff skinny short shorts. Awful.

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I mean..wouldn't you want a thicker tire if you're having those issues? MY GLH's are untouchable.

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None on my BMX, but I recovered this one on my SS. Fuzzy material, too. I once put the same material on an old Primo Pentagon seat.

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Its fine, its a bmx bike. If they were made with the intention of being flush people would lose their minds over headset caps rubbing on the frame. Which would be a much worse problem.

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Using ankle protection against impact = good. Using ankle protection for support if there's nothing wrong with your ankle = bad. Becoming dependent on a brace weakens the ability for your ankle to protect itself against rolling. Its good to use after ... more »

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My technique with lacing usually involves tightening, truing and dishing at the same time, by equally tightening every spoke a certain number of turns at a time till it’s tight. It usually centers itself. How out of dish is your wheel currently?