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Suggestions for the lightest weight pegs. I have some haro 78 aluminium 110mm pegs. They are lightweight. But just wondering if anyone knows of any lighter ones.... ?

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I agree with that Dave. As someone returning to bmx, i probably have the benefit of fresh eyes and not much stood out from the battle of hastings footage recently, except: Courage Adams ridiculously landing into manuals and nose manuals, like no one ... more »

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I dunno man, I've watched a lot of videos recently and I've seen a fairly narrow variety of tricks. The majority of the riders were just doing the same tricks.

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I'm obviously out of the loop a bit, but I do think the front brake thing could turn out to be a phase, or part of a cycle. I was aware that top riders had ditched brakes, but was a little surprised at just how few front brakes there are available to ... more »

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Thanks for the replies. Obviously the lad has to have a front brake at his age for general riding safety. I'll prob be looking at a caliper brake then like a dia compe bulldog. I don't suppose they still make ACS boas!!?? ha haaa

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Hi All, I'm new here. Just signed up to get some hot opinions. I used to ride up until about 18 years ago, I just bought a new FIT bike to start riding with my son though. 1. Where the fuck did brakes go?

2. I'm looking to get my 7 year old ... more »

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