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Let’s just call it what they are: Influencers. The pretty decent or hilariously crazy BMX rider with 2 million Instagram followers is going to be perceived as having more clout than a Dew Tour 5th place finisher with 40k followers.

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Fact: 9 times out of 10, when someone takes their clothes off during a freaking out was because of hallucinogenic drugs, molly or bath salts.

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I’d agree that you’re way better off buying from someone who knows a lot about bmx, owns three bikes, & has a fairly deep bag of tricks, etc. That would be hard to gauge short of talking to them on the phone though. Texting and messaging might give ... more »

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If you go to the grocery might as well go to the skatepark

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Just have a look at vital mtb pedal reviews- 11pages worth:,20 The key to picking out mtb pedals is to look at who their sponsored riders are- it gives you an idea as to how serious they are about their ... more »

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I’ve been very particular about shoes for riding for a long time, tried many brands and I have come to one conclusion - specifically the (what I’ll call) *Cost to Performance to Longevity Ratio* With most shoes, one of those factors is missing. While

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This fat seat is from a mtb company but it’s sick & works for great bmx.

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Interesting that it’s a carbon fiber frame- wonder if they will ever make a carbon fiber bmx ....?

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Just reading thru the comments here - the main impression I get is: There must not be a lot of BMX vloggers out there. I say that because only one vlogger mentioned here was someone i either don’t follow already or was unaware of. I think that’s cuz ... more »

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The funny thing about barspins is -it’s different for each person. I’ve seen people who had a pretty deep bag of tricks but will claim that barspins are too scary for them. i learned pull up bars in two weeks but it took me over a year (of off and on

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Spent a few months learning several slider tricks variations and suddenly realized I could even half cab anymore was like the slider completely replaced the half-cab in my brain and I really had to concentrate just to do a freakin half cab!!

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My suggestions are: 1: follow people like @ellie_chew or @lara_lessmann on Instagram for inspiration . Seeing Ellie throwing front flips on the mega ramp might make that bunnyhop seem a lot more approachable

Link below: ... more »
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Back when I was in High School mistakes on judging were dealt with by a vigilante punishment called “the pelting of eggs” .........#JustSaying

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X games needs to play this song
Here when Garrett takes his runs

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X-games just doesn’t want to splash the cash. They probably are crunching the numbers and factoring in that 97% of everyday bmx riders in the world are why would they want to make the efforts to have a full program for females?

Sure it might turn that 97% to 92% one day but bmx is a pretty hard sport - and I often half jokingly say: you have to be a rageoholic to get good. I follow Ellie Chew and Lara Lessman on Instagram and they are great role models for girls bmx- but bmx is a fringe sport really (as of today) and surely it isn’t Women’s World Cup soccer (or skateboarding).
Nevertheless- if you want me to sign an online petition to shame X-games into creating a medaling event for females ......I’d be happy to sign it.

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That was the most annoying edit I think I have ever seen....

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A wise man once said (about foam pits)........ ”they are really only good if they are in your backyard” . A half ass foam pit in your backyard is going to do WAY more for you, as a beginner......then some pro level foam pit a two hour drive away, with

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Lmfao, I remember back when Levi’s suddenly stopped sponsoring BMX..... and my boy Pete went down the Levi’s store- stuck his d*ck in the circular clothing rack and took a piss all over their jeans. I don’t know what he’s gonna do when he hears this... ? ?

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Looks like Kyle now has the record for most negative props on a comment ........Awwwwe Yeahhhh!!

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