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Maybe I missed it, but no mention of Nicholai Rogatkin pulling it in a contest two+ years ago?

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So many similar colors on those graphs

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And then you go to Woodward to train for the Olympics and you got Scooter dudes wiping out launching off 40 stairs .

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Here comes the cold water………….nobody cares about bmx - (except bmxers). Kids nowadays start bmx with expectations of xgames level tricks and never reach their own default definition of “good”. Progression starts too slow & they lose interest. I remember

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Does the tire hit the front petal when you spin the bars? That clearance has got to be really tight.....( one pro for longer too tubes)

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Deity Deftrap MTB is what I run now. Their pedals are built with strong bearings that don’t wobble after two weeks. Composite material is stronger and huge sized too Deity website description

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This happened like 13 years ago but vid still shows what a guy Redbull Rampage announcer Cam McCaul is. Back when he was a pro mtb rider - his pro friend from Norway came to ride jumps in Aptos CA and got his bike stolen. Just watch him and his Dad get ... more »

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Everybody mentioned in this thread needs to be sent one of these hats......

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So how many unemployed people is this close down resulting in? 10-15? Or less than that? Anybody know?

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Unpopular opinion but: I don’t ride with pegs. Never have - never will. And short of leaving tire marks on walls.....nothing else I do damages. #NoPegsForLife

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What are the units in the photo? Does that say 1lb 5oz? If so- then you save 170 grams but end up paying (I’m guessing) $600+ for that set up. Good if you’re rolling with maximum cash flow

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&&. you got Greyson too......I had to put this in here since his vid from today is so on topic, - I think he probably visits this site (I know people hate him , so go ahead and downvote me, lol)

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Let’s just call it what they are: Influencers. The pretty decent or hilariously crazy BMX rider with 2 million Instagram followers is going to be perceived as having more clout than a Dew Tour 5th place finisher with 40k followers.

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I’d agree that you’re way better off buying from someone who knows a lot about bmx, owns three bikes, & has a fairly deep bag of tricks, etc. That would be hard to gauge short of talking to them on the phone though. Texting and messaging might give ... more »

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If you go to the grocery might as well go to the skatepark

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Just have a look at vital mtb pedal reviews- 11pages worth:,20 The key to picking out mtb pedals is to look at who their sponsored riders are- it gives you an idea as to how serious they are about their ... more »

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I’ve been very particular about shoes for riding for a long time, tried many brands and I have come to one conclusion - specifically the (what I’ll call) *Cost to Performance to Longevity Ratio* With most shoes, one of those factors is missing. While

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This fat seat is from a mtb company but it’s sick & works for great bmx.