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That was the most annoying edit I think I have ever seen....

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A wise man once said (about foam pits)........ ”they are really only good if they are in your backyard” . A half ass foam pit in your backyard is going to do WAY more for you, as a beginner......then some pro level foam pit a two hour drive away, with

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Lmfao, I remember back when Levi’s suddenly stopped sponsoring BMX..... and my boy Pete went down the Levi’s store- stuck his d*ck in the circular clothing rack and took a piss all over their jeans. I don’t know what he’s gonna do when he hears this... ? ?

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Looks like Kyle now has the record for most negative props on a comment ........Awwwwe Yeahhhh!!

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Dude... don’t even hit the coping.... just go half way up the tranny and bunnyhop 180 back down first off. When you got that dialed - airing out of a bowl or what ever, is the same -just farther up

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I wonder if the top US pros are really going to be sweating about qualifying for this- if only one person gets to compete?

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Yeah I don’t know what kinda neighborhoods you guys live in.....but i’d just like to be a “reality check” here and say: concreting a transition on anything that isn’t abandoned and/or out of sight - is guaranteed to cause some blow back. And that could

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I’m surprised nobody asked the obvious question how or what you ride. I mean if you are launching off roofs or 15 stair gaps “to flat” .....then you should fully expect your hands to hurt. Also - if you run Tire PSI rock hard & hard grips w/ no gloves ... more »

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Yeah saw that on Instagram - almost as bad -was the guy who tried to jump the drainage canal bridge while being tow by the motorcycle....... @mikehoder1

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For the person who made the : Last time I checked - it’s not a skateboard comment..........Ever wonder where the names for tricks like: manual, full/ half cab, fakie came from? And yes- it’s cringe knowing how we will always have to carry the burden

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You can thank Lance Dopestong for all this.

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Emerica and Vans shoes are good..... for a little while. They are comfy and look cool, but you will get the effect of the tops of the shoe look new - but the soles look like they been thru a blender after two months, ( that is......if you ride everyday ... more »

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Sounds like they had Steve Harvey moment......if they fucked up, they should stick with who they announced in the first place. Change it if Maybe if it is 5minutes later.....not the next day. This could open the door to all kinds "judges remorse"

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So it is a single speed road bike with BMX handlebars.........? I'm guessing: for the person who is so conflicted, that they don't know what they want to ride.....kewl bro

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That's just typical skate park life. I mean, what skatepark doesn't have burly dad and fat mama walking around the park -"watching out" for their two elementary school kids riding scooters / skateboards ...... (brakeless bmxers riding fakie doesn't help either). #SkateParkLife

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My take on MOST bike shops is: they take advantage of people's ignorance....cuz they want to make a buck. They assume you know nothing about the hub internals, so they create work for them selves and sell you stuff that doesn't really need to be replaced. ... more »

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Josh- 25 lbs is a decent weight. To get a really light bike you almost have to start from scratch - and BE a weight weenie by looking at the weight of every part you might buy. If you are dying to get it lighter then I would look at the crank arms- which ... more »

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If you ain't concerned about bike should be. Esp around the wheel tires tubes. I don't want to get all Sir Isaac Newton on you all- but a little thing called rotational inertia has big effects -esp if your doing tricks. If your just "flowing" ... more »

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I usually don't donate to people I don't know and never met- but I just donated a 20 to his road2recovery profile. I was always impressed his YouTube vids were all done with no ads - even though he had 3-5 hundred thousand views every time. If all those viewers just gave one buck................#donate #standwithscotty

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