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What's up, young blood? Northglenn/Thornton here.

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Naw, dude. They still are. They just want lots of $$$ at this point. Even if you're 65 with wrinkly old balls and a 5 year plan not to die they'll still play with the donger if you have the coin. I'm not jaded...........but is what I'm saying sarcasm ... more »

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It works fine for dirt. I remember a time when a trails/street/park/vert frame was the same damn thing. Your only other choice was an aluminum can race frame or a flatland frame. You kids are obsessed with fitting into a niche. Just buy what you want ... more »

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Brighter bikes get you noticed by the broads.

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Do this, but do it with control

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What city in Utah are these in? I MIGHT be able to get some guys from Denver to head that way.

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" kipbmx86


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Nice vid. I'm assuming those trails are down south?

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