Added reply in a thread Instagam 6/23/2013 1:06 AM Only follow if you're actually interested in what I post. Fuck you all.

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Cut offs and random pairs of skinny/very skinny. I wear pads when I'm not in cut offs so anything to tight feels horrid

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Hop 3's and hang fives for days! Hop 3's over things always get some sort of "woah" reaction from people even though they're so simple haha

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All from strictly bmx from the looks of the photo

Yeah buddy!
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My progression has slowed a bucket load. All I've learnt is pedal stall to footjam combos like back pedal 270 to footjam and just different variations in the 3 weeks

Added a comment about video Brandon Webster Insane Clip 4/23/2013 9:32 PM

On a scale 0 to butter, that shit was smooth! Damn.

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Bottom photo is from a park 2 hours away from me. Boosting from that quarter to hit that wallride would be fucked. It's only a 4ft quarter I think..

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Preload your hop, pulled your front end hard and turn your head. You'll come off a couple of times if you pull your front to high but after a decent amount of tries you should get it. It's all about turning your head really.

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Duct tape up a bar end and squash it in the end of your fork, it covers the gap between the wheel and fork so you don't fuck your toes up if you jam incorrectly. Works a treat!

Started new thread Just another aussie rolling through.. 4/2/2013 11:49 PM

Haven't been on here for a good 4 months so here's my bike check for 2013. I'm a park-rat so certain things here are typical haha, Opinions on the build will be appreciated muchly!

Frame : Total Hangover 20.6" Forks: BSD Ghetto V2's Bars : ... more »

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Reddit and 9gag are the cancer of the interwebz. Fact.

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Learn to ride a heavier bike. It'll help in the long run...

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Todd Meyn, Chance Brejnakowski and Kriss Kyle!

Added a comment about video Power Hour: Brad McNicol 1/12/2013 2:19 AM

Cleanest looking 540's, damn!

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Make Them Suffer House vs Hurricane In Hearts Wake The Amity Affliction Buried in Verona Parkway Drive Storm the Sky Boris the Blade Northlane. All Australian hardcore!!!

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The only thing I hate is arrogant riders who act better then everyone just because they're better at the sport. I mean come on if you've been riding for 5 years and you're giving other riders a hard time because they haven't. You shouldn't be riding! ... more »

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Snapped 2 chains in one day, waddup.

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Red and yellow flickers you're talking about are called film burns and you can download packs of them. They're overlays so they go straight over the footage. I've primarily used Adobe programs so I don't know many plugins for Vegas.

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I want one!

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