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How bad is it? any good tutorials on how to do it?

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how long would it take to ship from the UK where they are located, to the USA?

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I just electrical tape mine a bunch of times ahah

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your obviously asking about the mutiny loosefer, loosefer is another way to say satin or devil, 666 being the devils number. Randy Taylor being a devil at BMX means his frame needed to have 666 in it. It's basically just so it goes with the name of the ... more »

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any idea what size tire he rolls on the front? im wondering if my premium 2.25 will fit? the premium seems to be way wider than any other 2.25 ive ever had

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Anybody run them? Or hear anything about them, I'm building up my old DK general lee frame for a friend of mine who wants to get into BMX but he doesn't wanna buy a bike just yet, I have just about everything expect forks and cranks for him, and I was ... more »

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My tires gotta be solid as can be. Certain tires you can fill to like 70-80 and they are still squishy (premium refuse resist) and I hate that, it feels like I have to work way harder to get pop into a spin

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I don't really know, to be honest I was hoping sidewall would still have generators for like 60 my friends got the rear and it's pretty sweet, something around ish a hundred give or take, I don't need anything rediculous

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So i ordered my wheels, they came. Front wheel is perfect, back wheel? they sent me a fucking flip flop hub! and not like a LHD RHD wheel, a wheel that needs a freewheel! so now i need to find a cheap black back wheel maybe an older style hoffman generator. ... more »

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thanks everyone! i just ordered the odyssey ones, and i found out my old forks were DK race forks, expecting them by tuesday, and my wheels get here tomorrow, so im pretty stoked!

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thanks! im going for the odyssey ones

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im with you on all of them aha, especially three, and im not even trying to fit it. It's just that one thing about your bike that you go crazy OCD over.

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I just bought new wheels both with 14mm axles. The forks I have now are some kind of DK fork ( i dont know which one a friend gave them too me, all i know is that they arent stock) and i've been looking into new forks for a while. I was going to get ... more »

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Are they good I was gonna pick up a set, i like the black/white/black. I need a new light set of double walls, and I want them to match, are they any good?

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back tire - duoDEE
front tire - duoDUM

like the alice in wonderland things

0 0 0

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im 5' 9" with a 20" tt will it be possible for me to do barspins? PS i have 27" bars

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really really old

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is my 25t sprocet safe on the right side if i run right side pegs, i am going to get a lhd wheel but i cant afford it now, please help i just started getting good at grinds and dont want to stop P.S. i can grind on both sides, but when the pegs are left ... more »

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yeah im at the stage where im trying to throw and catch with just the front wheel of the ground and i only make it like to where i wanna catch but fall back, and when i learn forward i get kneed

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whats the problem with skaters? they are just like us doing something thats frowned upon by society (like masturbating on an airplane) and all they wanna do is learn tricks just like us, i try to impress skaters as they do the same for me