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Haha nah, I just started trying them yesterday, never had the drive to do them until my friend learned them too. I'll actually try them today, i just asked on here for basic tips, before I got to go out and try them.

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It's been a while since i've been on the forums around here. I just havent really had time to do much with it. I've gotten better since the last time I was on here. Bought a new camera d3100, got a new bike (built up a colony), and have gone to a lot ... more »

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New thread Wethepeople Frame Warranty 7/28/2012 3:39 PM

anybody ever go through the warranty process with them? my frames getting pretty bad, its gaining a lot of flex, and it just feels like itll snap soon. its a 2010 Lo-fi, or maybe 2009 i dont remember, but i have the warranty card and recipt. I just dont ... more »

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Good shit man! They are great rides! When I was about 11 it was like an honor between the neiborhood kids to take that thing for a ride. And now it's a good feeling of nastalgia to have a part from that hero of my childhood in my bike

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Solid piece of information my friend, thanks for the education! I apreciate it

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Well then sir it's an sta500 I know it was an sta, I just could have sworn they made a 250 at one point. This frame is over 8 years old. Maybe they used to, but either way it was the sickest bike in its prime completely custom from the start it was his ... more »

New thread Free cranks! So stoked 7/11/2012 8:02 PM

My buddies bro used to ride and had a standard sta250 I think it was that frame, but he hasn't rode in a long time. He recently moved to Utah to be a action sports trainer, and he asked if I wanted anything off the bike, I needed new cranks because I've ... more »

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i wear glasses jacket shirt....call me glasses jacket shirt man! (if anyone saw the video) but for real i always rock levis, nikes/etnies, any kind of actino sport shirt could be nike, kink, sometimes burton shirts, anthing really, and an atlanta, or ... more »

Reply to Trying to find out wat frame is my friends bike plz help 5/30/2012 7:22 PM

No I run one, seatstay bridge is different

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I used splice to edit it with my iPhone and all of my music is in a downloads app, but you can only use song from your "music" app the only songs there are my purchased ones. Believe me I wanted to use 5 years time by Noah and the whale but I couldn't. ... more »

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Thanks dude! deffinetly thought i was gonna get crazy amounts of hate

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well thank you kind sir, did me a nice little favor there!

New thread My Bad 5/20/2012 4:12 PM

Dear Moderator, aha I posted in the wrong section so you took my post down, sorry. if you look though immediately after i posted in the Photo/Video section, i caught my mistake, but couldnt delete my post To this i say sorry for fuckin up!

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me and my buddies took a trip to tamaqua pa to ride the park and got some street, we always rode BMX but didnt get serious into it until the beginning of this year....let me know what you guys think for my first edit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K28WdBKJQM&feature=plcp ... more »

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Reply to I HATE STOCK PARTS! 5/20/2012 9:50 AM

I hope he knows that sealed bearings are supposed to stay inside the frame? He prolly cut his seatstay, slid a bearing over it and welded it back together, thinking the sealed bearing will help him spin a little easier...

Reply to How long did it take you to learn hop bars? 5/16/2012 6:24 PM

Yeah my buddy has a 20.75 or a 21 I don't really know I just know its pretty big

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Im 5'9" and have a 20.5" tt

New thread How long did it take you to learn hop bars? 5/16/2012 6:07 PM

I know that every kid immediately wants to learn them, and I know my time may not be the same as yours I'm just wondering how long it took everyone?

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Thanks guys, i just want to see what i can get out of it if i keep going hard

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The other day i was riding a park in pa, and i just started thinking about how much i love to ride. I know that i'm nowhere near good, i mean i cant even barspin yet but whatever. I just started thinking that i want biking to make me somewhere, im not ... more »

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