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Still available?

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My thought exactly! Its even worse when you try to explain its the same thing and is and always has been called a bunny hop and some scooter kid rolls up and argues with you like we only ride bikes but dont know anything about the sport.

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Mine moves slightly if I land weird or land on my peg hard, it happens a bit more on my Macneil Loden v2 with the taper lock drops. Glad they did away with that design. Only ever moved far enough to rub or wedge it in the stays when I have hung my peg ... more »

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Are you willing to ship to Canada? Nice build, which frame is that? I have the same seat on my Pandora.

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Not sure about best but from experience I can say Macneil Blazers/cks will clear a 2.35 Momentum but barely. If your wheel moves or gets a slight warp or hop it will rub. That said the same momentum did not clear the little peaks on the bottom of the ... more »

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Geometry makes all the difference. two different frames with 21" top tubes can feel completely different due to head tube and seat tube angles along with bb height etc. I'm 6ft and switch between 21" and 20.75 depending on geo but can also ride my sons ... more »

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I have Shadow vultus 4pc bars and they are the same spec as the 2pc. 10* back, 3* up.

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Hey Spencer, I actually kind of miss the Black pearl Loosefer, glad to see it went to a good home. I should post up my new Purple Loosefer soon.

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Pretty well put. And to follow up, My new Pandora frame that replaced my Armada seems solid so far and the downtube gusset design has been changed, which is where mine and others had broken before. So it seems that the recognized the issue and fixed ... more »

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Heres a teaser of the new one. Bike check to come.

... more »
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As of today I passed this frame and forks on to my kid, got the new one together. Will post a teaser pic in my Subrosa Armada bike check thread for now.

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Its actually got a white seat on it now as well. But I did have black Macneil cks forks, black Lumberjack bars and black wheels on it at one point.

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Haha, its nearly indestructable. Little heavy but good for learning stuff that can be rim benders. Haha.

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Nice! Looks like a good solid build.

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Looks good, I like the all black look, makes the stem really stand out.

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I like the black and red scheme. Looks good. WTP has a decent complete line and covers pretty much all budgets. One question though........................ Do you share the bed with your bike or do you get the floor?

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Ya its pretty solid and WTP stands behind their products so I dont have an issue with them. A lot of people judge the brand by their low end completes, which this year are even pretty decent.

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Haha! I havent seen another Foetus other than one on bmx museum that I think was black. Im not a fan of green either but it was cheap. The sprocket is definately a 25t, I think its the hollowbites that make it look small. I kind of like it because its ... more »

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Haha Thanks. It has been the most comfortable geometry so far and even with the multiple different parts combos I have had on it it always feels dialed. I think my kid will get it this month though. Had the frame forsale on another site and no takers

... more »
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Thanks. They are 175mm, might just be the pic angle that makes them look long.