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Tree Sprocket Odyssey Thermal Racing forks Shadow logo slim seat Jim Cielinki pedals Linear cable Dirtbike Stricker frame Vandever shoes Little Devil Logo shirt

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Make the landing as smooth and rolling at the top as possible so you cant really hang up, also dont make it like a quarter pipe on the landing... You just want something as easy as possible to land in, and long as possible too, but not completely flat. ... more »

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Dont 180 or 3 it until you land them on smaller drops. The drop shouldnt hurt if you can get enough speed, just put the back wheel down first and keep your body relaxed. For the 180 drop, make sure you do 180's with the front wheel and back level. Like ... more »

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They are not harder, I learnt them that way. They are actually easier to learn then regular bars as state above cause your legs are automaically stuck to your bike and everything is under control. Try them. I am goofy footed, and people say I spin, whip ... more »

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Put some polysporin and a band-aid on it.

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Thanks for all the responses everyone! I am going to look into those cool lights posted above, and am also researching all of the laws. The issue is that I work 50 hr weeks and go to University so I can only ever really ride at night, plus street spots ... more »

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I srsly hope you have grinded that ledge by now... You wont get hurt and wont fall over. Your bike also wont break. Just do it and let us know.

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IMO it should be personal preference? I am 6`00`` and ride a 20.75 now, but it feels long (though I like it) and uncut bars, but I used to ride a 19`` Hamilton, and had Fly Mosca (small bars) cut all the way down, with the small Fly stem (no reach at ... more »

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Sounds nice... like you can have a low seat and still feel it when you pinch your legs for a barspin or X-up. My Aitken is real low, but the seat is angled really far back, so to feel it you have to have a big seat that is higher up.

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Guess I have to get reflectors boys... Was hopping up this set, doing manuals around, and 180`s off... I started riding away when they came but they U-turned and turned the lights on so I stopped. They told me not to ride on private property, and mentioned ... more »

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Boil your brake pads maybe? Sounds like somethig is wrong with your setup. I would also suggest to stop riding with a finger always on the lever, learn to be comfortable without that. No use in always pulling the brakes.

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I think most people look bad / have bad style tbh... There is a small fraction of people who look great, and the rest look awkward or just unaesthetic. To me, it's all about how your body moves in comparison to the bike. I think Aitken, Homan, Taj, etc ... more »

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Not to start a flamewar here or anything but you are kind of coming off as smug and looking down on people all while going on about stuff being made in China, when the vast majority of overseas BMX frames and parts are actually made in Taiwan, which ... more »

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Orchid if you can find them are the best ever. They need to bring back that company and the Vandever.

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I usually try New stuff every time I ride, so if I ride mad, I start getting frustrated that I am not landing the move and throw an absolute chit-fit if I dont hold myself back. Used to throw my bike as a kid... Hold myself back now.

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Get the tracking number and check it...

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Dont be afraid of falling over, will never happen, you're body will impusively fall to safety unless you do something really stupid. Feeble and double peg are best to start, in a feeble put some weight on the front wheel when you land.

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This is literally something you dont have to think about when you do 180s, you will do it automatically. Just keep practicing getting momentum while you pull up the front in the direction you are spinning, when your front wheel peaks, hop, turn your ... more »

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Back end of my Fit Aitken is bent to the left a little bit after a month of barely even being able to ride it (school, work). Cranks are squeaking, headset is clicking (no gyro), sprocket bent after one day of hitting a ledge a few times, cops told me ... more »

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Hello, Police pulled me over on my street, in Montréal, and told me that I needed pedal reflectors, one on the seat, and a specific color in the front and back wheel. They told me any offense in the future will result in a ticket, and I will also receive ... more »

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