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british people got bad teeth but amazing riding

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My Perfect 10s are not on at the time Either is my GLH i have a Hookworm on in this pic

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Just wondering if there's any 360 riders out there! If so lets hit up a park

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Fuck PNW weather...

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im really psyched on this dudes riding! Tons of heart and skill. what you did not get from that edit is that the kid can do some of the biggest airs out of mini ramp quarters! Keep riding bud

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Thats how us aussie's speak man! Haha

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My thoughts exactly!

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absolute garbage hyper is like clown shoes

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Odyssey is actually being innovative. That chain is awesome. Those brakes should come stock on every kids first bike. They should learn how to fix their own shit at some point though.

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Like how he's wearing a cult hat... :L

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something about this I LOVE. Sick good edit!

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why'd catfish call him stevie williams?

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Nice riding man!

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