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Call or email Profile. You're in the same state. They'll sell you bolts.

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It's insane to me how far forward he's leaning while riding fakie. One of the biggest things that helped me was...leaning back.

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Brands, distributors, retail shops, sponsored riders, regular customers. Everyone.

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If you live in suburban NJ you really shouldn't have a problem finding street transition. Banks are aplenty in the northeast. Or just take the train here and ride Chelsea Piers or Mullaly for a day.

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Yup. I got a copy of it for my laptop and a few mods later, it's a full game.

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That video gave me tears in my eyes as big as horse turds. Wow. WOW.

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Looping out on one of these is bad news.

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You need to carry it in your scrum. Anyway. Kotulak is the answer. Get that and an adjustable wrench and that's all you need.

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Since this was bumped, I have become a "ride different setups" evangelist. I had 9.5" rise with a front load and then went to a topload. That helped me with manuals and hops a lot. I then went from 9.5" bars to 9"...I finally unlocked manuals. The key ... more »

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The pathological behavior of deluded people online is really hilarious.

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Fade footwear.

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Buy a Pso-Rite

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This is exactly what I'm experiencing now with going from a coaster with all the slack washers in (minimum slack) to max slack on a coaster that actually has more slack built in than normal. I used the pedal pressure/engagement trick for the months learning ... more »

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What is the rise/reach of your stem? Depending on that - I'd shoot for 9" to 9.25"

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If I'm perfectly honest, it's situational. Myself and pretty much every one (skater/biker/scooter/unattended toddler) I see ride into the park has a mask on, but honestly after a couple laps or runs you're just sucking sweat, so they're mostly off and ... more »

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Feel free and encouraged to reach out if you're ever here! No curfew here anymore but that was only really being adhered to for the first day or so. After that it was more like an unspoken "violating the curfew is another thing we can charge you with ... more »

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Think about how your bike flexes. Like Reyn said - if everything were rigid your shit would snap in half on the first hop. This flex is meant to be there to allow for movement, things to bed in, loosen, and for you to retighten. It's all good. Shred ... more »

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LOL. Lots of really informed and well balance opinions in here. Parks in NYC were closed for a few months but back open now. As one of the hardest hit places in the US, I can kindly say fuck off to all of you who think its a joke, a hoax, or a conspiracy. ... more »

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And nothing broke? Great success.

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I hear you. I mention 170s because you were talking about going from 175 to 165 or whatever. There probably IS a difference, but I personally doubt you'd be able to notice. You did mention pedal weight above. That'll definitely contribute or inhibit. ... more »