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i try to keep a cool head when riding which for me seems to be pretty easy most of the time there are some times when i do get quite upset and rage at that point i usually just set my bike down and take a few deep breaths i got anger management classes ... more »

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haro flybikes mirraCO rant subrosa thats all that comes to my mind that hasnt been listed

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seen this a little while back i think their still working on it theres a video of it on the union of it i think

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a buddy of mine rides a subrosa zombieland pivotal id recommend that ive also tried the kink sexton that ones a good one to same with the bone death vibrator and the shadow crow seat im about to go looking for a fat pivotal seat soon myself if your looking ... more »

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Hi names Danya most just call me D kinda new to the site so i thought i would start here been riding since last october s friend got me into it over the summer saved up all the way until october for a bike and have been riding ever since