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I need an Odyssey Hazard lite driver with all good bearings. Im looking for a 9t. If someone has one let me know

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I try to pull my bars to my thighs before i level out.

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Wait youre in NY....Im in oregon

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Ill trade you a chrome odyssey hazard lite?

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Looking for someone to trade back wheels. I have a 48 spoke Chrome Odyssey Hazard Lite rim with red spokes and the Odyssey Hazard Lite V2 hub. Its all sealed, but the chrome is kinda chipping. Its super solid and stiff, rolls super fast and keeps all ... more »

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Is your sproket bolt hitting your chain? 22 tooth sprokets usually make the chain hit the head of your bolt because its so small. Try this...

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I got my bike stolen like over a year ago. I went to go get it back and the kids punk ass dad put a gun in my face. I leave my bike in my room now...

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Pop the seals and grease it? Also put a little grease on your steer tube, and in the head tube cups.

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Pivot on your back wheel for the first 180 and then its pretty much just a full cab from there

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Get comfortable doing higher bunny hops. Swing your hips out too. it will add to your momentum.

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No such thing as a "J-hop." 'Nough said

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I took my brakes off a while ago and I really like it. Its a free feeling and it kinda helps if you have a problem with just sending it. And you go faster at the park.

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If you can get the rotation, its a little bit easier to fakie if you lean over your bars just a little bit. It will help keep your bars straight so you dont start turning in your fakie. It also helps if you really need to bail

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I find them easier to do if I drop my back foot a little bit and dip my front foot toes. It will give you a little more leverage to kick it around

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