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Reply to Huntington Beach Spots? 9/13/2015 10:30 AM

I haven't really rode trails in a minute but I wanna dig some more

New thread Huntington Beach Spots? 6/1/2015 8:12 PM

Hey whats up guys Im out here stationed in Twentynine Palms but i get out to HB every weekend and was wondering if there were some locals the could show me some spots? Parks, street, dirt, whatever. Theres just no where to ride on base or around here. ... more »

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Reply to X games - Bmx street is officially cancelled 1/22/2015 4:38 PM

its the man tryna bring us street riders down man. fuck us right?

New thread BSD Frames Made Where? 12/26/2014 11:19 PM

Anyone know where BSD frames are made? I know theyre UK based but do they have their shit made in Taiwan to cut costs? Thanks

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Reply to ISO Bike Frame 5/25/2014 11:40 AM

I only have like 50 bucks but ill throw in the slams. Im not super tall so i dont really need something over 21.

New thread ISO Bike Frame 5/25/2014 1:05 AM

ISO a bike frame in good condition for cheap. Preferably, not fit, mirra, dk, haro, or redline. I have cash and S&M Slams to trade. Im in Oregon. Thanks!

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Reply to Full Cab Help 2/25/2014 3:09 PM

Pivot on your back wheel half ways, then pop it the rest of the way. Your feet should go back to normal

Reply to we need a dirt pak 2/25/2014 3:06 PM

Forget the petition. Grab shovels and water cans, find a sweet spot in the woods, and blam. Trails

Reply to Needle Bearing Hubs? 1/7/2014 4:54 PM

What driver is this

New thread Crank Arm Grind Help 1/6/2014 4:47 PM

I can get on the rail every time and get my crank arm on it and do little grinds, but I seem to loop out kinda often. Help? I wanna save my nuts.

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Reply to Needle Bearing Hubs? 1/6/2014 4:31 PM

Doesnt the Cult match have the same driver as the Primo hubs tho...

New thread Needle Bearing Hubs? 1/6/2014 9:18 AM

Im looking for some rear hubs that run on needle bearings instead of sealed ball bearings. I know the Primo cassettes do, but I want another hub. Are there any more?

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New thread WANTED : Odyssey hazard lite Driver 1/6/2014 8:29 AM

I need an Odyssey Hazard lite driver with all good bearings. Im looking for a 9t. If someone has one let me know

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Reply to Help a noob out.. how to increase bunny hop height? 12/20/2013 11:31 AM

I try to pull my bars to my thighs before i level out.

Reply to STUN REAR WHEEL 12/20/2013 11:01 AM

Wait youre in NY....Im in oregon

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Reply to STUN REAR WHEEL 12/20/2013 10:38 AM

Ill trade you a chrome odyssey hazard lite?

New thread 48 Spoke Oyssey Hazard Lite V2 for trade 12/20/2013 10:34 AM

Looking for someone to trade back wheels. I have a 48 spoke Chrome Odyssey Hazard Lite rim with red spokes and the Odyssey Hazard Lite V2 hub. Its all sealed, but the chrome is kinda chipping. Its super solid and stiff, rolls super fast and keeps all ... more »

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Reply to Why does my sprocket bolt keep snapping? 12/20/2013 10:28 AM

Is your sproket bolt hitting your chain? 22 tooth sprokets usually make the chain hit the head of your bolt because its so small. Try this...