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I'm old school, Slayer!! Anything by Slayer, Raining Blood usually hits first though.

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The 2017 Colony Apprentice is perfect if you're looking for flatland only.

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It's about time that our favorite hobby is going to get recognition on the main stage.

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I flatland some also but I ride mostly street and vert. If you're looking for an awesome flatland bike, Colony Apprentice is the best one out there right now in my opinion. I ride a Colony Endeavour street & vert but I pull that Apprentice out when ... more »

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I'm Shane, 41 years old and have been riding since the 80's.. I started back fulltime early this year about a 10 year layoff after my 12th concussion on a 10 ft halfpipe landed me in the hospital for a few days. I ride a 2017 Colony Endeavour.

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I'll be 42 this year, born 1975, and got back into riding fulltime this year. I once rode GT's but these days I ride Colony and I don't have a single complaint about them.

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My first BMX bike was a Kabuki, black with black mags.. Every kid on my block had to have one back then. I'll never forget it cost $209 and that was a ton of money back in the early to mid 80's, then, once freestyle really got big I had a GT Performer, ... more »