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i noticed this alot with the salt lake city guys, it seems like every pro rider that comes from out of SLC is super creative and/or stylish.

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Is there any chance of a vital sponsored midwest bmx jam?

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this and racing slicks need to be hot before they grip properly, tires on a bmx will never get anywhere near that hot.

Reply to Volume deathwish rides again! (Updated 3/5/15) 3/5/2015 10:49 AM

Haha thanks man, it took me like 6 months to gather up the parts for that first build. I had to call in alot of favors and searched hard to find the parts to build it with almost no money.

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I got a new frame.,27/I-have-an-issue-Excuse-me-while-i-work-the-kinks-out,1296049

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Frame: Volume Deathwish v2 (21') Fork: S&M pitchfork xlt Bars: United grande (cut to 26) Stem: Stock fit with a S&M race xlt faceplate Grips: Odi longnck Barends: 1 Shadow Deadbolt and 1 Cult pc Headset: 1 cane creek bearing and 1 FSA ... more »
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The volume rides again! I finally managed to gather enough parts to build my old frame up again and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Ill get more pics and a parts list tomorrow.

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Hey everyone its been awhile, i haven't really rode since August due to work and an injury that been bothering me.. i just recently decided to get back into riding, so i tuned up my bike, and have been riding again for about a week now. I finally found ... more »

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im not gunna lie.. i had a funny feeling it was you cuz i remembered that you where riding a federal last time i saw you. I could come pick the stem up pretty much any day this week, what would be good for you?

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Could you do $25 for the tomahawk?

Reply to Flybikes....good, bad? please shed some light 8/18/2014 7:42 PM

Based of my experience with fly's aftermarket parts, im gunna say more than likley it will snap like a twig.

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This made me lol so hard.. Im not sure why.

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If you can find the cablestop you can use a hose clamp, it wont look pretty, but it will work.

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Demolition momentum tire- Bought it brand new when they first came out and after having it for a week the bead ripped off the rest of the tire, it was only at 70 psi and i wasent even riding when it happened. Fly v3 cranks- bought them brand new and ... more »

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My knee is pretty fucked atm.. But im pretty sure i have some clips on a hard-drive somewhere that i could submit.

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I feel you man, i don't have much experience with big bars and front-loads. I should have mentioned that all my friends run top-loads and a shit ton of spacers. lol

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Presonally i think this is a very smart thread.. My guess is that it will help alot of people starting out, especially young kids who cant convince thier parents to buy the bike from a bike shop, and dont know how to tell a good bike form a shit one. ... more »

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I cant stand riding a bike with bars over 8.5.. Whenever i go to spin i nosedive like a mofo and eat shit, even at low speeds. Tbh at this point i cant really ride bikes with cassettes any more either.

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text me 773-709-2064