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Tits or Ass?

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Would you ship complete to aus??

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nice bike man, that frame is sick! whats the standover??

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clean as fuck!

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THIS !!!!

Added reply in a thread Techincal Death Metal ? 10/5/2012 1:12 AM Dysphoria has some technical stuff in it and they are heavy as f**k

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anything parkway drive, suicide silence or buried in verona

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whats the scariest movie you have watched?

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without a light? do you mean those reflector things?

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cable tying my seat to the frame to look cool.. not doing that again

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as for sweaty hands, you dont need gloves just try to be mellow/calm when you ride i found i always used to get sweaty hands when trying to bust moves all the time then i started to be chill about everything, tried to enjoy riding my bike more rather ... more »

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Of course its US only -.-

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ive had this problem before. it was impossible for me to get out best shot is to drill the bitch out like sbc said

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ok thanks man

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Longneck ODI


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currently im rocking Mutiny Glam v2s witch are (if i remember correctly) 28" and because im quite tall ( roughly 6ft ) and my TT is around 19-20" im having trouble throwing bar spins, i cant afford a new frame ATM so should i cut them down or just keep ... more »

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